ToM Session 09: Carried Away

With plenty of work for Ilgrind to do, the party sets out for the Southern coast, hoping to pick up some diving suits (currently tethered) for Ilgrind to upgrade with pressurized air tanks. They are:

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 3 Nekolyn Monk
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 3 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 2 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot (RiH): Level 3 Halfling Bard
    • Gelda Roughsole: Level 2 Halfling Thief Follower
    • Eymen Hunyadi: Level 1 Drow Padfoot Follower
    • Rav Lugulu: Level 1 Goblin Chemist Follower
    • Hilderek Ferlwinkle: Level 1 Gnome Tinker Follower

A few days after starting out, they are attacked by invisible birds with shadows who manage to carry them away by their shadows. After an hour of flight on their feet, they arrive at a nest of darkness atop a mountain peak where they can see nothing.

Hilbrent refuses to help them and spurns Lamila’s claims that she needs magic to get out. Lamila tries magic anyway, using a powerful light to create a dim beacon for everyone to gather to. Lucy manages to lead them out, crawling to follow a prick of light he noticed. Doane, who was meditating while the group gathered, nearly doesn’t find the way out, but manages an escape.

As they descend, Doane senses a mighty storm approaching. They managed to reach the tree line and when the first flakes are starting to fall, they pick a cluster of pine trees to shelter in, Doane using Rapid Growth and Lucy Emulating it to grow and thicken the branches to create a thick roof and walls of needles around them. Meanwhile, Rav and the other followers get a roaring fire going, allowing them to weather the storm through the night.

I’ve been getting behind on both my player reports and my campaign prep, hence the brevity of this summary. We used the player-driven travel again, and for some reason BiW wanted to get carried away. The storm was my own turn in initiative. As they try to find the road again next time, RiH and then ByW will be influencing the story.

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