Repairing the Injuries

On Monday, May 12th Year 4, at Matthias’ request a couple of Citadel House adventurers escort he and Barnabas (the head mason working on the temple) to Kite, intending to proceed from there to the knowledge dragon’s temple where Matthias wishes to smooth things over with the dragon. The adventurers are:

  • Verdis (HuS): Level 8 Human Fighter
  • Osiris (CoB): Level 2 Elf Magic-user

In Kite, they are joined by Daniel, President of the Kite Branch, owner of the lumber mill, and spokesperson for the Kite lumberjacks. He brings with him three strong pairs of arms, Virgil, Jason, and Skromno the dwarf. They soon arrive at the river blockage, where Daniel observes an opportunity to build a needed bridge for reaching quality lumber on the far side of the river. He sends Virgil back to Kite to round up more lumberjacks for the effort, sending Jason and Skromno to a spot nearby that the Nekolyns marked as a good source of timber. The rest descend to approach the knowledge dragon.

Between the five of them, they quickly capture enough snakes to open the passage down into the temple and make their way to the statue room where Matthias cordially requests permission to approach the statue and converse. With permission granted, they approach and Matthias broaches the topic of making reparations for the damage done by Bill, Conan, and Slade. While the dragon expresses acceptance of Slade’s offering as justice, he agrees that relations with the humans, elves, and dwarves would benefit from further recompense.

The first step is identified to be repairing the damage to the statue and Barnabas examines it, determining that he needs fresh stone to achieve repairs. He believes that the stone can be found nearby and departs with Verdis and Osiris to search for it. Matthias and Daniel remain to discuss further arrangements to strengthen the relationship.

During their search, they are attacked by a giant snake (unusually both venomous and constricting with a hypnotic stare) which takes them unaware, manages to poison Verdis, but ultimately poses little threat to them. Osiris finishes it with a ray of death energy that disintegrates much of its flesh. Verdis examines the remains inside the snake and finds a medallion with a dragon holding a book depicted on it. He and Osiris flip for it and Osiris claims the medallion, sensing a vague magical aura.

They soon find the stone they are looking for and Barnabas magically extracts an ingot of it with which to make his repairs. On their return to the temple, they find Matthias alone with the dragon statue, expounding gospel topics to the dragon. While Barnabas starts to repair the statue through magic, fusing his stone to the damaged area, Osiris and Verdis ascend to keep an eye on the surroundings, realizing that Daniel has marked some sections of the blockage, but seems to have departed. They start to dig, moving earth from the highest part of the dam to the shallow water surrounding the temple entrance to make it more accessible.

Soon, Virgil arrives with a dozen more lumberjacks and while several go to join Jason and Skromno at the logging site, taking two teams of donkeys with them, the rest help to flatten the area near the temple entrance.

On Tuesday, Verdis works at the dam, providing security for the workers there. Osiris accompanies the mule teams, guarding them to the lumber site and patrolling the area around the site while the new timbers are hooked up.

During the day, shortly after Osiris departs to get more logs, Verdis notices a group of Kobolds among the trees on the temple hill South of their camp. Not sure how to handle them, since they seem hesitant and surprised by the work team, he calls for Matthias. Matthias draws on Verdis’ experience to learn they are likely not an immediate threat, given their numbers, and approaches to offer them safe passage to the temple.

The Kobolds enter the temple with a chest carried between two of them and Verdis and Matthias go with them, Matthias hoping that the dragon will be able to mediate negotiations with the Kobolds. The Kobolds make an offering of the chest, conversing at length with the dragon in the Dragon Empire tongue. After some time, the dragon invites Matthias into the discussion.

Phineas translates a summary of their negotiations for Verdis, Osiris arriving midway with a better understanding. The agreement they arrive at is for the mile or so surrounding the temple to be designated as a combat free area between the two parties. As a means of establishing both parties’ influence over the area, the Vale settlers will build a dam/bridge to control the crossing from Kite to the temple, and the Kobolds will build a watchtower atop the hill above the temple.

With negotiations complete, the Verdis, Osiris, and Matthias withdraw, the Kobolds intending to shelter within the temple caves. Osiris keeps an eye on the temple entrance and Verdis climbs to the top of the hill, where the watchtower will be built, to look around for more signs of dragon empire activity. Though he gets a good view of the Vale and sees a smoke from a number of satyr villages and the new Vale settlement upriver from Confluence, he sees no sign of Dragon Empire encampments nearby, though his view North is obstructed by hills higher than this southern knoll. That night, Versus suggests the watches be reduced from five watches to four to increase the number of watchers and remove the watch Barnabas presided over, which he saw as a vulnerable period.

The next day, Wednesday the 14th, the Kobolds begin work on the tower at the top of the hill. Verdis refrains of working, keeping an eye on the Kobolds and the surrounding woods. Osiris ranges wider from the lumber site and the mules in his scouting, taking the opportunity to do some hunting.

Thursday passes in much the same way, Matthias having asked Verdis and Osiris to remain until Saturday morning, as he will be doing, by which time Barnabas and Daniel hope to have secured the dam and controlled the flow of water enough to make Kobold attack unlikely.

On Friday, while Osiris is getting his first deer, Phineas tips Verdis off to something, not a Kobold, too tall, watching him. While he casually moves to investigate, Verdis is struck with an arrow through the trees that stabs with broken twigs and produces a cloud of pine needles. He recognizes it as being shot from a Nature Blessed Nekolyn Bow.

He rushes to engage the mutated Nekolyn, avoiding a trap, taking another arrow, and landing a devastating blow on him, surprised to be so outmatched. The Nekolyn flees, teleporting a short distance and running for the water. When Verdis arrives at the shore, his quarry is still in bow range and he lands an arrow before the Nekolyn dives, finally surfacing well out of range.

Determined to finish this mutant that has plagued him every time he comes near the blight. He pursues, skirting around the shore of the new lake until he finds where the Nekolyn came ashore, muddy, bloody tracks leading into the woods. He pursues him hard, expecting the exhaustion of wounds and a long swim to slow him. Despite having to pick up the trail again after a couple blinks, Verdis eventually overtakes the Nekolyn. It hears him coming and stops, too tired to keep running, snarling at him over its shoulder.

In the short fight that follows, Verdis beheads the feral creature. He goes through its belongings and takes several useful items before burying it with a marker he hopes other Nekolyns come across. He returns to the dam.

Saturday, with the dam modified as a somewhat fortified bridge with control over flow, Verdis, Osiris, and Matthias trek back to Citadel in time for Sunday services.

So ends Laetian Silverpaw, a mutant Nekolyn who didn’t manage to track down the party away from his home territory more than once without finding his end.

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