Biweekly Item-Fire Beads

Sometimes sold as a fire starter (“fire seeds”) and sometimes sold as sling ammunition (“fire shot”), these sun hardened beads are made in part from Chlamyd dung, harvested at great risk from the geothermally active regions where they reside.

Though dung concentrations vary, a common and stable variant of fire beads is made with 1 part dung, 2 parts clay. This variant is especially common when sold (by reputable merchants) as sling shot, due to its favorable flight characteristics and explosive power. More dung-heavy variants are necessarily more expensive, explode with more force, but fly less reliably. Less dung-heavy variants make reliable shot, but with less of a flame on impact.

For the common variant of shot, a slung bead deals damage as a -1 bullet. It explodes on impact, dealing 2d6 fire damage to the target. Creatures within 5 feet must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw (at advantage if expecting fire shot) or take the same damage. They take half on a successful save. Creatures within 10 feet must also save or take half damage, no damage on a successful save.

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