Wayward Noble

On April 28th, Year 4, with some of the Citadel House adventurers still abroad, Slade is about to go about his daily temple work when he is approached by Matthias. Matthias knows of his history working as a huntsman for a dowager duchess and requests that he use his experience with nobility to pay a visit to Nicholas Wraecliff. Wraecliff has not attended church for three weeks and Matthias worries that he is breaking with Citadel and the church, which would be a great damage to the Vale in perilous times.

  • Slade (HuS): Level 1 Human Fighter (Huntsman).

Slade expects to be fed by Wraecliff during his visit, but brings a day of travel food for an emergency. With his equipment checked and rechecked, he sets off up the road to the quarry and Wraecliff’s castle site.

Slade soon passes the quarry, where men are working already to cut rock for the temple walls. As he continues past it, he quickly recognizes that the tower on the hill above, though surrounded with scaffolding, is completely devoid of workers. As the sounds of the quarry fade behind him, it becomes more clear that the castle site is silent.

Arriving at the top of the hill, he sees the entire castle site seemingly deserted, but out of the corner of his eye sees something small and fast move behind a pile of bricks. He cautiously goes to it to investigate but looking behind the bricks sees nothing. Instead, he feels movement near his feet and looks down in time to see some movement and his shoes untied.

As Slade crouches down to tie his shoes, he feels a shove from behind but manages to resist careening into the bricks. He looks around in time to see something inhumanly fast darting behind large house where he assumes Wraecliff lives. Keeping an eye on the house, he ties his shoes before readying bow and arrow to look around the house exterior.

As he circles the house, his belt is suddenly cut and his pants pulled down. Hiking his pants back up, he looks around but finds no sign of the creature. Giving up on his attempt to follow the creature, he withdraws to the treeline, on the edge of bow range. As he looks on, the quick creature emerges, walking briskly about in search of him. He looses an arrow, an excellent shot that drives the little humanoid to the ground.

As Slade approaches, the blue thing staggers jerkily to his feet and staggers rapidly toward the unfinished tower. He follows it inside, chasing it up the stairs and eventually subduing it on an upper floor.

He carries it to Wraecliff’s house, where he learns that it has been terrorizing the workers for weeks, including broken limbs among the castle builders and damaged wagons preventing them being brought down to the healers. They’ve locked themselves away to eat cold storage while wondering how to deal with the creature. Slade leaves the little man in Wraecliff’s charge and returns to Citadel to report Wraecliff’s reason for absence.

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