A Brief List of Tomes

I thought I’d sneak another entry into the April 2018 Blog Carnival over on Hereticwerks before it wraps up. It seemed like a useful exercise to throw down some whimsical tomes that might be found on a bookshelf in my worlds.

If the Sun Should Die-A treatise theorizing the death of the sun and the underdark flora and fauna saving civilization.

Sculpting the Sky-A thesis on cloud architecture ranging from cloud gardens to cloud towns to cloud castles.

Friends Forever-A guide to taxidermy at home.

1001 Faces-A book of disguises creatable with household goods, written by an assassin turned housewife.

Not Good Enough-An abridged journal of a magical experimenter intent on improving humanoid kind. 

The Manual of Knots-A book full of knots useful for everything from sailing to everyday use to pioneering.

The Mask is the True Face-The mad ravings of a man under the influence of a sentient mask that slowly took over his life.

In the Palace of Dionus-A book full of sketches of fey creatures engaged in revelry.

The End of Kings-A historical account of the fall of the last gnomish king and the period that followed. It is written in old gnomish.

Among the Stars-Writings of an unheard-of explorer detailing his journeys to the moon and beyond. It is unclear if he truly traveled beyond the world or if it was a drug-addled dream.

If you’re interested in randomly generated flavor for your well-furnished world, you should check out my document of tables: Who Would Just Leave This Stuff.

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