The Sleeping Satyr

The Sleeping Satyr is on the Northeast edge of the Blood Wood near satyr lands, almost directly South of Gilded Falls, about 58 miles 30 degrees South of East from Timberford as the crow flies.

The inn is by all outward appearances a small cottage, with an unusual amount of smoke lazily curling from the chimney. The cottage is in excellent condition, but roughly 10 feet x 20 feet with a single story and maybe a loft. An impressive and vibrant garden surrounds it and one of the inn employees will often be out tending or harvesting from it (50% during the day, 25% during the night for special night plants). The garden contains very special herbs and vegetables. From outside, revelry can be heard when the door is open, but it otherwise seems a quiet cottage with a light in the window.
Inside, the front common room has a roaring fire in the 5 foot wide hearth, filling the place with a claustrophobic warmth. The common room is 40 feet x 60 feet with balconies all around it on the floor above 10 feet deep and is usually full of Fey and Satyr revelers. Off the common room, there are 20 rooms for rent with accommodations for sleeping, as well as 3 smaller rooms for private parties. A chandelier full of gleaming candles hangs from the ceiling in the center of the room, often with fey sitting on it, sometimes with a larger creature swinging from it.
The food and drink available is very fine and somewhat addictive. They accept gold and silver out of necessity for their customers, but the innkeeper has an agent in a curtained booth near the bar who is available to trade coinage for more precious things (magical items, memories, sentimental objects) that can be used as currency in the fey.
Viera is the inn keeper and knows everything there is to know about the area and speaks any language necessary to serve her patrons.

Drinks available at the Sleeping Satyr

Roll 1d8 for the type of drink if random. When drinking, Con saves must be made to escape an effect matching the drink type. Repeat the saving throw for each cup drunk, if failed once the effect is executed for each cup drunk in the last 3 days.

Drink Con Save DC Effect Roll
Wink Draught 6 Sleep: 1d6 weeks per cup 1
Fizzy Spirit Lifter 13 Lighter Than Air: 1d4 minutes per cup 2
Boisterous Beer 9 Belching: 2d6 hours per cup 3
Relaxing Rum 11 Jelly Limbs: 1d6 hours per cup 4
Wood Alcohol 11 Blindness: 1d4 hours per cup 5
Seeing Wine 13 Hallucinations: 1d12 hours per cup 6
Cleansing Cider 11 Incontinence: 1d12 hours per cup 7
Noon Dew 15 Feymight: 1d12 minutes per cup 8

Sleep: The sleeper cannot be awaked by mundane means. At the end of the time, they awake remembering no dreams and believing they have only dozed off and slept until the current hour.
Lighter Than Air: Unless restrained, the drinker slowly rises at a rate of 5 feet per round, 50 feet per minute. Their fly speed is 5 ft and they cannot dash. They are subject to being carried by wind or any other force and automatically fail strength saves to avoid being moved. At the end of the duration, they descend 10 feet per round for 1 minute for a total of 60 feet before the effect ends completely and they fall.
Belching: The drinker is subject to uncontrollable belching. Disadvantage on all Charisma related skill checks and a 50% chance of failure on spells with a verbal component.
Jelly Limbs: The drinker’s muscles become lax and their bones flexible. They take disadvantage on all Strength saves and checks as well as melee attacks, but gain advantage on acrobatics checks for the duration of the effect.
Blindness: The drinker is blinded for the duration unless cured by magical means.
Hallucinations: The drinker experiences periodic visions at the GMs discretion, recommended 2-5 per hour.
Incontinence: Anything they drink passes right through them within minutes without warning. They must drink extra to keep hydrated and are either subject to constant bathroom breaks or must make a DC 13 Constitution Save each hour or take a level of exhaustion.
Feymight: The drinker gains wild powers that benefit and make less predictable everything they do. For example, spells cast while under the effects of Feymight will have additional unexpected range, area of effect, or elemental damage not native to the spell, a ranged attack will scatter into a cone dealing half damage or deal extra elemental damage, or a melee attack will knock a target back or stun or paralyze it.
On a successful save, the drinker will have good or neutral feelings about the drink:

  • Wink Draught: A comfortable warmth washes over them and they feel at ease
  • Fizzy Spirit Lifter: Worries flow away and they feel optimistic about the future.
  • Boisterous Beer: The urge to sing may overcome them and they belt out a tune.
  • Relaxing Rum: Tensions relax and they feel calm and limber.
  • Wood Alcohol: It burns on the way down, very smooth. Each gulp is a triumph.
  • Seeing Wine: Their mind feels clear and they may even gain insight into something.
  • Cleansing Cider: A very pure feeling in the throat, stomach, and gut.
  • Noon Dew: A fire burns in chest and stomach, hope is kindled.

Fey, who are accustomed to such spirits, make Constitution saves at advantage, take half the duration on a failed save, and make certain to avoid drinking much of any one kind in a three day period.

If you liked these drinks, you’ll love the items in Who Would Just Leave This Stuff.

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