The Servant’s Journal

This entry is inspired by the April Blog Carnival topic over on HereticWerks, which is Journals, Grimoires, & Spell-Books. You should check it out and consider participating. I’ll be addressing a journal today:

Written by an unnamed servant close to one of the ancient Cuirm-Cogaidh in period of the fall of kings, it documents day to day activities. This includes scrupulous detail about his master’s travels like locations, supplies, and times, among other activities. It is written in ancient gnomish and not very well. It is apparent the servant had some education, but was not an official record keeper for his master’s activities.

The Servant’s Journal is a record that will be recognized by name among scholars of gnomish history in the kings and post-kings period.

Learn more about the RPG Blog Carnival over at Roleplaying Tips.

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