ToM Session 02: Biblioklepts and Drunkards

Wednesday, November 25th, 540 YV, our three heroes have arranged a time for a prankster to set off a stink bomb in Brimahil’s library with Doane inside with their new key. They are:

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 1 Nekolyn Monk
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 1 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 1 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot (RiH): Level 1 Halfling Bard

To be able to smuggle the key in and hide his intentions, Doane has trained with their handler, Zehra Inlyon, to veil his thoughts from the psions they believe watch over the library. Doane goes in and picks up the book he requested the week before and sits down to read until a sudden and putrid stench fills the library, leading to immediate and rapid evacuation of the library.

Doane attempts to hide while everyone else leaves, but is spotted. The librarians take him as a cat panicking in the presence of strong smell and try to help. After a few more missteps (including hiding and being found atop a bookcase, knocking a concerned librarian from a ladder to injury, and hiding again behind a desk), Doane manages to overcome the dice and make his way into the locked Restricted Shelves of the library.

Inside, he manages to find his way through the tightly spaced shelves to a section on magic. There he grabs a pair of books written by Hilbrent touching on magical topics as well as an unusual wooden board with a triangle etched on it and three circular holes in it. Hearing librarian entering the Restricted Shelves to look for him, he quickly straps his take under his robes and sneaks to the exit.

Once out the door, he continues to run through the library, screaming in simulated panic. No one stops him as he continues up out of the inner city and down the street toward the warehouse they operate out of. Lamila is hot on his heels.

There, he advises evacuating there location in case he is being followed. Their handlers take it under advisement, but ultimately decide not to leave. They take the books and board from the library to study them. That evening, they call a meeting to review some of what they’ve obtained, including some of Doane’s captured information and a strange staff found in a manor built by one of Hilbrent’s children with a key at the base.

At the end of the meeting, they ask for a team to go up to Devil’s Gate tavern in search of a group that has been returning their frequently looking for information but hasn’t returned. They volunteer and head up to the tavern. There, they try to bully the minotaur bouncer to no avail. While Doane and Lucy wait in line to get in, Lamila goes to get their handler to obtain a false sheriff’s badge for her to use.

Eventually, Doane and Lucy get in (the players enjoyed seeing the glory of Benquil’s tavern with some industrial upgrades, I might describe ByW’s plans for it in another post) and see their missing comrades drinking at a table (well, two of them, the goblin is already asleep under the table). They buy some drinks, but take it slow waiting for their drunken companions to run out of money and have to leave.

Lamila’s plan fails when the minotaur bouncer refuses to believe that a sheriff in Gollant doesn’t speak Vardor, so she waits outside until she sees the orc, human, and goblins they came looking for getting thrown out of the tavern. Lucy and Doane follow, helping to gather them up and get them back to warehouse.

At the warehouse, they start to consider the prospect of accessing some of the non-public areas of the Temple of Hilbrent looking for more information. An explosion in the adjoining warehouse interrupts their planning and the whole organization relocates to an abandoned manor found by one of the other teams to avoid scrutiny. There, they plan their pass at Hilbrent’s Temple.

Have you ever tried an urban campaign? What kinds of antics did your players get to? Please share!

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