On March  24th Year 4, three new adventurers pass through the portal to Citadel. At Citadel House they join some veterans of there house, as well as a new Satyr member of Citadel House:

  • Agon (HuS): Level 2 Elf Magic-user (Fear and Stealth)
  • Lash (WaB): Level 2 Human Thief
  • Bob Ross (JoT): Level 1 Dwarf Brawler
  • Sylviana (CooB): Level 1 Satyr Thief
  • Sipric (CoB): Level 1 Elf Fighter
  • Conan (MiM): Level 1 Elf Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
  • Torren (Is): Level 1 Human Druid
    • Monkey Animal Companion

Seeing reports that Nekolyns warned Kite to ignore cries in the forest to the West and stay out of it for a while, they decide to go investigate the reason. Packing 7 days of food, they make their way to Kite (Lash has to catch up with them later, he is helping Aronis from his bed to his chair in the tavern).

Arriving in Kite, Sylviana is drawn by curiosity to the dwarves and finds some who speak elvish as she does to ask about the Nekolyn warning. While she is gathering information, Torren attempts to pick a pocket and instead grabs the dwarf’s pants. He manages to dodge the responding fist and transforms into a cheetah, fleeing into the woods a short way. Sylviana and many of the lumberjacks gather at the site of the transformation with great curiosity and confusion.

Seeing this gathering, Sipric attempts to pick a pocket but is caught. His mark manages to get hands on him and quickly pins him (Bob Ross helps). With this new information, the lumberjacks recognize that Torren was also trying to pick a pocket. Sylviana manages to convince them to not become any more violent and soon Daniel, lumberjack overseeing and president of the Kite Branch, arrives to resolve the situation. Agon assures him that they will keep Torren and Sipric under control and that their behavior will be made known to Matthias.

They learn from Daniel that Nekolyns are commonly seen operating in the area and have become trusted protectors of the lumberjack teams going out into the woods. He confirms that they were told to avoid going far West for a while, but that they haven’t heard the cries the Nekolyns spoke of.

Considering it the best place to find the Nekolyns (Sylviana knows they were probably there for their spring festival just a few days before), they follow the river north toward the Nekolyn Sacred Grove which first introduced the Kite lumberjacks to Nekolyns. Torren and Sipric, however, return the way they came to Confluence, where they plan to rob a house.

The larger party arrives at the Sacred Grove in mid afternoon, finding evidence that the Nekolyns were indeed there within the last few days, having spent several days there. As they search for signs of where they might have gone, they are unsuccessful, but are joined by Lash.

Before moving on, Conan magically burns an “X” in the grove to mark that they had been there, causing Sylviana great panic. While the others head out (heading north toward the blighted area where they know the Nekolyns have a permanent presence), she does the best she can to remove the burnt section and replace it with plants from the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, Torren and Sipric have followed the mostly finely dressed man they can find in Confluence back to his house. There, they hatch a plan in which Sipric paints a man with his magical paintbrush to stand at the door and distract the owner while Torren breaks in at the back. The facsimile at the door is met only with a bemused laugh and a closing of the door. At the back, Torren is spotted trying to open windows and called out. With his attempts to bluff himself off as a repairman failing, he again transforms and flees the scene. He and Sipric escape Confluence and travel back toward Kite, hoping to overtake the party.

They travel through the night trying to catch them and during Conan’s watch (the 4th) stumble upon the camp. Conan hears them crashing through the brush and awakes the rest of the party with a burst of fire, blinding himself. Seeing the flash ahead, Torren and Sipric charge with weapons at the ready and are soon on the ground, Torren having taken a slung stone to the knee (from Sylviana) and Sipric thrown down by a 72 mph gale summoned by Conan. They surrender quickly enough to convince Agon to cancel his spell, which surely would have killed them.

With Conan’s watch almost over, it is proposed that Sipric and Torren be tied up and made to stand watch. During the argument, Sylviana, who was assigned to take the 5th watch, returns to her patch of dirt and falls asleep. Torren manages to slip away into the shadows, leaving Sipric at the mercy of the group, who bind him to a tree to watch.

Despite hiking all day and through the night, Sipric manages to stay awake (it’s somewhat redeeming that he even tried) and so spots Torren creeping back into the camp. He alerts the others and Torren flees into the woods again, this time toward the river. Sylviana pursues and gains sight of him again as he is crossing the river bed, which is still mostly mud that he sinks into up to his knees.

Sylviana calls out and Torren stops, attempting to blind her with his disco gem, succeeding only in dazzling himself. Sylviana is exceedingly curious about the gem and answers Torren’s invitation to come down and take a closer look. As she approaches, the others arrive at the bank in response to their voices. Lash has had enough and immediately looses an arrow toward Torren, missing. Others start to slog out after Sylviana and Torren, who was planning to shoot Sylviana once she got close, agrees to rejoin them when Lash’s second arrow lands near him.

By the time they return to their camp, dawn has broken and Sipric informs the party of elvish screams from the woods. With this information, they start westward, aware that the Nekolyns advised ignoring such sounds. Soon, the cries are repeated: a seemingly Nekolyn voice calling for help in elvish. Sylviana immediately starts to run, the others following suit (Torren only because he doesn’t want to be alone). The party keeps a conservative pace, allowing Bob Ross to keep pace with Sylviana and Lash stealthily taking the lead. As the cries get louder, the two scouts slow, carefully approaching a glade where the cries seem to originate. There they see a trio of wolf-sized lizards with spiny hides and wicked teeth. Sylviana recognizes them as Razorbacks, notorious for their powers of mimicry.

Lash signals that he will go back to stop the others and Sylviana stays a little longer, satisfying her curiosity further. She then returns to the party, where they are arguing whether or not to attack the creatures. She assures them that the Nekolyns have the situation well under control and sets off toward Kite. The others follow, some grudgingly.

Back in Kite, Lash clubs Torren over the head, incapacitating him successfully. The villagers happily supply a cart with which to carry him to Citadel and the party (all but Sylviana, who spends the evening in Kite, drinking and swapping stories with the lumberjacks) returns to Citadel. They arrive shortly after dark, but find Matthias in his office, where Agon makes the case to have Torren imprisoned, arguing that Sipric was acting only under the negative influence of Torren. Matthias is skeptical of the idea of building a prison for one man, but agrees to lock him in his room. Torren asks for an opportunity to prove himself, suggesting community service, which Matthias says he will think on.

In the remainder of the week, Torren pesters his guards enough to have a silence spell cast on his room. Agon takes advantage of this opportunity to start casting periodic fear spells on Torren through the wall in hopes of driving him mad. Meanwhile, new settlers arrive through the portal, 50 of the 200 scheduled to come in the next few weeks. Among them is famed adventurer, Jacob Pharoe, who draws a great deal of attention, especially from Sylviana who wants to hear stories and learn if her experience with adventurers so far is normal. He assures her it is not.

One of these adventurers was not like the others. High chance of becoming and Invid from Seven Dead Sinners when he dies.

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