Biweekly Item-Arcandid Draught

Arcandid Draught is a flashy potion that most serious alchemists don’t bother themselves with and that no one produces in large quantities. It is sometimes produced and sold for the sake of warriors and adventurers who want to have a trick up their sleeve and can afford to pay the price for this complicated and esoteric potion.

The draught allows the drinker to breathe a cone of icy wind dealing 1d6 damage +1d6  per ounce drunk as a bonus action or reaction.

Upon drinking more than one ounce of the Arcandid Draught, the drinker makes a DC 12+1 per ounce Constitution save to resist the frigid drink. On a failed save, take 1d4 damage per ounce and be silenced for 2d6 minutes per ounce. On a successful save, damage is half and the drinker suffers no silence.

Creating Arcandid Draught requires 1 dram (approximately one exoskeleton) arcandidae powder per ounce. This must be swirled into a saline solution that is already below the freezing point for pure water. The swirling must be accompanied by the sound of wind blowing through a tattered cloak.

A rudimentary station for creating the draught may use ambient cold or arcandidae powder in a flame to get the solution below freezing, with a tattered cloak producing the sound from a natural wind.

More advanced alchemists might use an ice bath and salt to achieve the desired temperature or may have access to devices capable of harvesting the essence of sound to be used later.

This concoction is inspired by Snow White (the original when the stepmother makes an aging potion) and the recent DMNastics on creature component items.

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