Biweekly Item-Poten-wax

This pale golden wax, refined from the wax of a potenidea hive, tingles with power. Its power can be conferred to a weapon with regular waxing.

Creating poten-wax produces an ounce of wax per pound of hive under ideal conditions. These conditions include careful harvesting of the hive, proper tools, and skill in the refining process. While harvesting, poundage yields depend on a Wisdom (Survival) check, which is at advantage if the harvester has a background in beehive collection, or has collected a potenidea hive more than 10 times. The yield is 10% per value rolled, for example, the DC to preserve the full weight of the hive is 15, for a 50% yield the DC is 10, and a result of 5 or less results in 0% yield with the hive being irreparably damaged. The process of harvesting takes 2 minutes per pound, but can be done in one minute per pound at disadvantage. A single swarm of Potenidea will usually have a hive nearby weighing 4d4 pounds.

After this poundage is determined, the wax must be separated and rendered. Yielding at most 1 ounce per pound of harvested hive. This separation and rendering is done with an Intelligence check, which is at advantage if using a special facility for the purpose of harvesting beeswax and at disadvantage if performing the act in the field using an open fire. The DC for a full ounce yield from a pound is 18, below this, a result of 8 or higher produces half an ounce from a pound, and any less has a yield of 0. Rendering the wax takes 10 minutes per pound of hive.

Poten-wax can be applied to a weapon to confer it’s lightning power to it. It requires a 2 weeks of application, consuming two ounces of the wax, without use of the weapon for the weapon to gain 1d10 lightning damage. After this, the wax must still be applied daily with a burn rate of one ounce per week for the weapon to retain the power.

After one day of waxing is missed, the lightning damage is reduced to 1d8, then 1d6, then 1d4, then 1d3, then 1, and finally 0, after which time a full week of unused application is required to regain the lightning damage.

After days have been missed, the power may be restored with 2 days of application without using the weapon per missed day.


After two weeks of waxing, Alvert’s sword is empowered with 1d10 lightning damage. He continues to wax it until one day he is imprisoned. It takes two days to get free and when he retrieves his equipment he resumes polishing, maintaining his sword at 1d6 lightning damage until he manages to make 4 days to break from adventures while waxing his sword to restore it to full power again.

This maintenance requiring item was inspired by Rick Stump’s Blanket of Miracles.

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