Something in the Fog

On Monday March 3rd, Year 4, a new arrival in the Citadel House sets out with a couple of somewhat more seasoned adventurers to investigate a thick fog that has rested in the South of the Vale for a couple weeks. They are:

  • Agon (HuS): Level 2 Elf Magic-user
  • Bill (PaT): Level 1 Human Fighter (and Archaeologist)
  • Bob Ross (JoT): Level 1 Dwarf Brawler (and of course, Painter)

With a week of food each, camping gear, and 2 lanterns, they take the road South to Carrie, where they speak to a woman known to them only as Tommy’s mom. She describes a bear-like roar coming from the fog, flashes of light accompanied by sizzling sounds, and an ebb and flow to the fog’s size and shape. With this information they proceed East to the foggy land.

As they make their way through the fog, their visibility is reduced to 2 feet and they risk tripping each other as they keep in sight, in a triangular formation. Fortunately, the terrain is open and flat. Eventually, they come upon a hairy creature, 4 feet tall, in the fog. It is already in reach when they see it, so Agon taps its shoulder, provoking attack.

After a round or two, they recognize that the creature is healing and Agon starts to cast a cold death spell that takes him 2 turns and deals 6d6 damage. Soon after this, they drop the creature, but when Agon moves to loot it, it arises. They once again beat it down and after looting it, discuss what to do. Bob Ross checks its pulse and realizes it’s alive, punching it fiercely. Bill takes his cue and beheads the creature. Sensing no magic on the items taken from it, they move on into the fog.

After another while of walking, they come upon two of the creatures, these only 2 feet tall each, but fail to surprise them, battle is joined and they quickly drop them, Bill beheading each of them in turn. These have a little treasure as well, though similarly mundane to the first.

Again, they proceed, soon coming upon another lone creature, this one very large. It engages them and after a fierce fight, including a spell from Agon and solid hits from Bill (only 7s and 8s on his 1d8 longsword) the creature goes down. Agon beheads it. It has more mundane treasures, which they hope to sell.

By now they are hoping to come to the edge of the woods soon, else they must assume they are off course. As they continue, the fog thickens, they see a large toad in the mist before them. It looks up at them and belches a cloud of fog. Bill’s instinct is to kill it, but Agon protests and uses Speak to Animals to talk to it. Over the course of his conversation, he learns that the toads follow the trolls to get food, and that the trolls do not eat them because the fog protects them from the sun, which turns them to stone. He also learns that trolls hate fire and that they regenerate, even from something like a beheading, that would form two trolls.

As they consider where to head next, Bob Ross glimpses a building ahead in the fog and trees beyond it. They approach the old windmill, of which Agon and Bill have heard rumors. Inside the fog is much thinner and a dead troll lies on the ground, blood smattering much of the surrounding floor. They search a door by the stairs and find only garbage and mouse nests. Up the stairs, the space is similarly grimy and dusty. They explore it as Agon goes about collecting cobwebs. They find a pile of black pebbles and Agon a Bill search through it, Bill using his arming bracelet as a shovel. While they search, Bob Ross makes his way up the ladder to the top of the windmill and searches the perimeter by feel in the fog. He finds pits full of leaves and a partly melted sword hilt, but nothing else. Meanwhile, Bill finds a red pebble at the bottom of

the pile of black pebbles. Antics soon ensue, with Agon casting an invisibility spell on the pebble while Bill is examining it, then hitting it out of Bill’s hand. Bob descends and they spend a while searching the room, Agon searching shamelessly for the stone, which he claims disappeared but doesn’t attempt to explain his searching. Bill claims to be searching for hidden cavities and Bob Ross follows his lead.They hear the sound of trolls coming, but continue to search, Agon finally finding the red pebble.

Shortly thereafter, trolls enter the windmill and Bill and Bob take up positions at the top of the stairs from the level below, fighting big-head/small-body and small-head/big-body trolls to keep them from getting up. With Bill in dire straights, Agon tells him to get up the ladder and take his rope, taking his place on the line. Soon, they have all withdrawn to the roof and are mercilessly knocking trolls from the ladder as they attempt to climb. With four piled unconscious at the base of the ladder, Bob throws his oil lantern down, starting a blaze that eventually kills the four.

Bill is still badly hurt, so Agon and Bob descend the rope, entering the front of the windmill and engaging the 6 foot tall troll with a shrunken head that they find there. They seem to be making little progress and the troll receives reinforcements from the floor above, with sounds of a big troll coming from out in the fog, prompting Agon to throw their remaining lantern. This spooks two trolls back up the stairs while he flees the large troll, taking a hit on the way.

Bill descends the rope and soon the three of them are running North through the fog, following the treeline toward Citadel. Once out of the fog, Agon uses his book to briefly learn some healing magic, which he uses to descent effect on the party. They then proceed to the Citadel, suffering infection which the healers manage to cleanse, but which causes their magics to have little effect. They suggest it will be a few days, but that the party’s wounds will heal naturally with their persistent care.

The next day, they sell the gilded goods they found to the jeweler in Citadel. Bill levels up.

The windmill where the party were nearly killed is one of Rick Stump’s Five Lairs. They’re awesome little tidbits, and having only used two so far, the PDF has been well worth the purchase.

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