ToM Session 01: Pranking Librarians

Wednesday, November 18th, 540 YV, our three heroes awake in a warehouse in Gollant where they have been recruited by an organization hoping to obtain information that will rouse the population against the magic ban. They are:

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 1 Nekolyn Monk
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 1 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 1 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot: Level 1 Halfling Bard

They meet with their handler, Zehra Inlyon, over breakfast and discuss plans to infiltrate the restricted shelves of the library. They have a map of the library that indicates the entrance is behind the clerk desk, always locked.

They determine that the easiest thing is for Doane’s acolyte of Brimahil friend to secret them into the restricted section. They decide to have Doane go meet his contact and see what she can do for them. In the meantime, Lamila wishes to return to the church of Rukarah and Lucy needs to tell his mom that he’s made some friends at school who he’ll be staying with a while.

Lamila, despite being new to the city and speaking only less common languages, manages to find her way to the church of Rukarah with a great deal of stress along the way. There, she learns a little of what is generally believed of Hilbrent, god of applied knowledge, and the ban on magic. Realizing that the followers of Rukarah are listless and without a plan, she departs back toward the warehouse. On the way back, she is distracted by a beggar while her purse is cut, though she would have given it up anyway. She makes it back easier than her way out.

Doane knows his way around the city and quickly arrives at the cafe across from the Aleossand monastery where he had agreed to meet his contact and report on the meeting. On the way, he tosses a silver coin to a beggar, most of the money he brought to the city. She is intrigued by what he hopes to find in the restricted section, but not having access to it herself, she can’t see how she can get him in, even just to look around. Satisfied that she can’t do anything to help, Doane takes the long, Northward loop to return to the warehouse, but on the way sees a mugging and intervenes. When a guard sees he and the victim propping the badly wounded mugger against a wall, he addresses them, asking them both to come to the station to give a statement. Doane goes, but is quickly let leave when they learn he is a monk of Aleossand, the which are known to often engage is such vigilante activities. By the time he returns to the warehouse, though, it is after lunch already.

Lucy’s trip to his mom’s is uneventful, he himself being a denizen of the city through which he moves. His mother was worried, but is soon satisfied with his explanation of living with school mates. She is excited when she hears he has met a nice girl (one of the other team members, a halfling named Gelda Roughsole), and tells him to bring her around to eat some time soon. He bids farewell and makes it back to the warehouse easily.

All gathered again, they look for a different plan to get into the restricted shelves. They resolve to supply a known prankster from among the students with a stink bomb to clear the library while they do their work. But first, they must obtain a key.

They all go to the library, settling down in the reading area to read  while Lamila finds an opportune moment to send Benquil (her monkey companion) to fetch a key to the restricted shelves. Benquil succeeds in his mission, returning with the key, which they press into a bar of soap before dispatching Benquil to hide it on a shelf.  Lamila waits a while longer to leave, and then departs alone. She is stopped in the lobby and searched for keys, the guard explaining that their security measures indicate she came with the intent to steal a key. They find nothing on her and she is allowed to go.

Lucy and Doane overhear this, but don’t understand. When they leave, they leave together and though Lucy is searched, the soap among his bandages does not draw suspicion. They make it out and down to the warehouse where they hand off the soap to have a key made.

By morning they have their key, and they discuss who to send in and what time to have the prankster act.

These antics were inspired in part by the Dungeon Master’s Block episode on Urban Adventures with Adam Carnevale.

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