Stormguard: The Epilogue

In the Year of Vardor 235, heroes known widely throughout Vardor as Benquil’s Companions (including Benquil a half-drow, Leo a Nekolyn, Evren a drow, Lamila a half-orc, and Hilbrent a Vardor human) defeated a massive world builder bent on the destruction of life on the world. In the aftermath, Benquil, Hilbrent, and Evren laid up their travel boots, settling in Fort Gollant. Lamila and Leo began an expedition of their own, seeking more of the world builder crystals out in the world and mapping the continents as they went, sending the results back to Brimahil.

While Leo and Lamila travel abroad to Leo’s homeland, Benquil establishes his tavern, Devil’s Gate, filling it with exotic materials and oddities from his travels. Each year, when his staff recharges, he restores a special landmark, starting with the Temple of the Many Gods, where he starts to spend a lot of his time adding gods not already there and improving the spaces of those that are. He also restore’s Gregor’s Last Redoubt, turning it over to Karen’s ownership.

While Benquil opens his tavern, Hilbrent starts up his school of magic in Fort Gollant. His frontier school focuses on facsimiles and he is soon on his way to a mithril task force and has students from all over Vardor, and even out from among the gnomes, traveling to learn facsimiles from the expert on the matter. He marries Talia Stormborne, his one time traveling companion and High Priestess of Vardor in Fort Gollant.

Evren stays at the temple of Brimahil in Fort Gollant, concentrating her efforts on rehabilitating the drow captive kept there so they can be introduced into Vardor society. This effort fares well with many of them accepting joint worship of Lolith and Brimahil.


As the years stretch on, Benquil starts to take his technology abroad, disseminating it among the gnomes, drow, and even dwarves, whose cities he restores, convincing them to reopen their halls to the surface where they establish city states throughout the North. His father, Caedmon, dies and he establishes a cemetary of heroes in Karen’s care near Gregor’s Redoubt.

With Caedmon dead, Evren has no ties remaining in Fort Gollant and returns to the underdark where she studies the Creeping Sun caves and their flora and fauna. With her psionic powers, she quickly becomes a Jane Goodall of the fierce inhabitants of the underdark.

Back in Fort Gollant, Hilbrent’s school continues to grow, quickly becoming the greatest school in Vardor, with top mages from all the houses taking sabbaticals there and his students found schools across two continents. He and Talia have children and he begins to seek an apprentice or two, to take over his school and more importantly his secret facility for dispensing magic and teleportation across the world.

When Lamila travels across the sea to a new continent rumored among the Nekolyns, Leo accompanies her, but teleports back and forth to Fort Gollant to return her findings, maps, and reports to Brimahil’s temple. One day in 256 YV, however, his teleport token does not find her. Hilbrent’s sensory extension on her tells him that she vanished, token, sensory extension, and all while experimenting with white crystals from the new continent.

Despite Lamila’s disappearance, life goes on, and Benquil continues to build his humanitarian efforts, responding to natural disasters with the help of Hilbrent’s mithril task force. He also funds and guides research into improving agriculture and general quality of life, eventually founding a Council of Civilization. This council he gathers from among the best minds to assess the progress of technology and civilization. Mickey chairs the council while Benquil raises funds for its efforts.

Hilbrent is involved in Benquil’s ethics council, but spends much of his effort exploring the seafloor and making endeavors to proceed to the moon. In the meantime, he finds two apprentices, one to take over the school, and one whom he tells all of his secret magical machinations and his secret facility.

With Lamila still missing utterly, Leo continues to explore, but starts to spend more of his time in the Nekolyn monasteries springing up across Vardor. Eventually, he settles down in a monastery, curled up by the fire, and begins to write a history of his adventures.

In the underdark, Evren continues her studies, gaining a significant following of drow whom she teaches her noninvasive methods. They learn a great deal and with time, Evren entrusts the continued study to others, returning with her pet dragon to Benquil’s tavern, Devil’s Gate. She purports to live there, but in reality spends her time in Arem going to and fro through the portal in the tavern’s cellar.

By now, the champions are all growing old and start to look to put their lives in order. Leo publishes the book of his adventures, as well as some travel guides and an atlas, before quietly passing away. Though the Nekolyns bury his body beside the monastery where he died, Benquil has a marker placed for him in the Cemetery of Heroes.

As Hilbrent grows old, enjoying his grandchildren and even some great grandchildren, he oversees his two replacements in the management of his school and sanctum, but is otherwise focuses on his facsimile studies. He seeks to make them permanent and teach them to make more of themselves, in his senile last days pushing toward the facsimile singularity and writes a final treatise on the laws of robotics, which none but his facsimiles ever read. He dies in 289 YV and is buried in the Cemetery of Heroes. A few months later, his two replacements hold a great convention of magics at the Hilbrent Windborn School, where Hilbrent the God of Magic features as the surprise keynote speaker. After the conference, parts of the school are converted into his temple.

Benquil, meanwhile, faced by his own mortality, focuses on putting his Council of Civilization in a state that it will continue on without him, governed by the laws he wrote for it and endowed with investments and support that will sustain it long after he is gone. He continues to ensure the Temple of the Many Gods has an altar for every known god. Upon Hilbrent’s deification, he adds him to the temple. He personally petitions the gods to learn their life stories and records them, ensuring that the temple is a repository for all godly knowledge. As he grows older and more feeble, he turns all of his possessions over to Evren and devotes himself entirely to the temple’s care. One morning in 297 YV, as he makes his rounds ensuring all the study rooms are clear, he comes upon four people sitting at a table in one of them. Vardor, Brimahil, Margon, and Hilbrent of the united Vardor Pantheon invite him to join them at the table. He sits and they express their gratitude for his long service, saying they are unwilling to lose such a faithful servant. They invite him to become their eternal, undying champion and he agrees. With their hands upon his head, they grant him immortality, restoring him to youth and strength. He is never seen again except in legends of the Champion of the Gods.

Evren, the longest lived of the champions, a full drow, outlives them all in retirement. Upon Benquil’s disappearance, she uses her considerable wealth inherited from him to open some orphanages in Fort Gollant, now the largest city in Vardor and the seat of a duchy, and before her death divides her estate among the most deserving of the orphan children raised in them.

And so passed Benquil’s Companions their final days, and the world was forever changed by their passing.

I got the idea of Epilogue Night from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast, along with many other great ideas. You should check them out and join us on the forums for practice exercises and comradery.

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