Defeating the Titan

Our last session ended with Evren in the knee of the great world builder. With only a shaft overhead as a means to proceed, she still there when Benquil and Leo reach their knee. As Leo rushes in, he sees Benquil casting a teleport to get himself up the shaft and stabilizes him to keep the jarring steps from interrupting the spell.

With Benquil up in the pelvis, Leo calls to him to help Evren up. While Benquil casts a teleport to bring her up (twice as long a spell to teleport her from a range, but the pelvis is more stable), Leo casts a spell to produce a platform to jump from to get up into the long shaft. Then, with his prodigious jumping and climbing capabilities, he scales the shaft, reaching the top as Benquil finishes teleporting Evren up.

As the energy of the place continues to damage them, they quickly proceed up the clearest route: a spiral staircase leading up into the abdomen. They check one of several doors off the stairs and find an empty bedroom, resolving to pass the other doors on their way to the chest.

In the chest cavity, they find a tall, humanoids skeleton like none they have ever seen. Benquil’s death sense indicates that while it died only recently, its death was extremely swift and violent. Leo packs the bones up while the others look around. Out a window in the front of the torso, they can see the top of Brimahil’s tower, indicating their proximity to Fort Gollant.

With the magic continuing to damage them, Leo casts a powerful healing spell on them all and they continue up a spiral staircase through the neck, where Benquil checks all the few rooms, finding another skeleton in one of them, which he gathers and takes with him.

At the top, they find themselves standing in an open balcony in the face of the titan with the glow from a massive crystal bathing the area in a deep purple. Leo has the realization that this is a giant facsimile, that this crystal is its brain. With the knowledge that the facsimile will be stopped if the crystal is removed or destroyed, Benquil starts into a teleport spell mighty enough to move the 45’x28’x17’ crystal out of the head. Leo heals then all once more and Evren enters Benquil’s rucksack of holding.

When the crystal hops out if the head and begins to fall, they entire facsimile reels forward. Benquil leaps out the left side of the balcony, letting his goose rider outfit carry him slowly to the ground as the facsimile is dashed to pieces against it. Leo goes out the other side, running and jumping around the head and onto the back, sprinting toward the feet as the whole thing falls beneath his paws. In the moment before the final impact, he jumps, using his catlike reflexes and magical jumping ability to land safely amid the rushing cloud of dust.

Fort Gollant, and dare we say: the world, is saved.

In the aftermath, Hilbrent’s school takes possession of the shattered crystal for study, Vardor sends armies to mine the mithril and adamantium of the facsimile (with Benquil receiving a share of it), and they are once more celebrated as heroes of Vardor.

I’ll soon be writing up the epilogue of this party’s adventure, following them from this victory through the rest of their lives. We’ll be starting a new campaign set in Vardor’s industrial revolution this weekend.

If you were curious about the rucksack if holding or the goose riders kit, you should keep an eye out for the release of my upcoming module: the Festival of the Migrant. Coming within the next couple weeks.

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