Biweekly Item-Arming Bracelet

The idea for this one comes from one of my players, who usually start with an item that doesn’t impact combat of their own design.

Arming Bracelet
Wondrous Item, epic (requires attunement)

Upon attunement, the bracelet becomes affixed to the arm upon which it is worn and cannot be removed or transferred to the other arm.

As an action, the wearer can shape the arming bracelet into a melee weapon or tool and wield it in the hand it is worn on. The wearer makes an Intelligence (Arcana) check with DC dependent on the target item:

  • Crude Tool (hammer, hatchet, machete, paring knife, shovel): 10
  • One-Handed Simple Weapon: 15
  • Fine Tool (lock pick, screwdriver, file, hand drill): 20
  • One-Handed Martial Weapon: 20
  • Two-Handed Simple Weapon: 20
  • Two-Handed Martial Weapon: 25

If the wearer fails the check by less than 5, the result may be an inferior but similar implement or the intended implement with a -2. Successes exceeding the DC by 5 or more gain a +1 for each 5 above the DC.

This bracelet has seen action in one session: Down the Well, where I’ve drawn Bill wielding it.

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