The World Builder

Having found what they assume is a world builder and its pet dragon, the party hesitates and works in a plan as it rapidly approaches. Benquil contacts Brimahil to take a look and begins casting a spell to project his voice. In the oldest elvish he knows, he greets the world builder, making it aware of their position. It immediately sics its dragon on them and it leaps from its shoulder, closing quickly. The dragon’s lightning breath washes over their elemental-borne cart, inflicting minimal damage from 800 feet away.

As it rushes closer, Hilbrent commands his wind elemental to distract it and uses a token to teleport them all back to Fort Gollant. There, they call a war council in Brimahil’s tower, including Vardor, Margon, and a recently arrived Lamila in the meeting. Benquil presents the staff found in Gregor’s Redoubt, an uncapped accumulator which Hilbrent assessed as being powerful enough to kill over half of the people in Vardor. He and Hilbrent believe they can shape its affected area to a cone sparing all but the dragon and world builder.

With that as a backup, they search for a diplomatic solution. Brimahil invites Lolith to the council and, though belligerent, she permits Brimahil to freely access knowledge from the Faded One, where she learns that use of world destruction implied only the sterilization of the world, not its physical rending as some may have assumed. Brimahil looks into the world builder language, but with no basis believes she will need days to learn it.

Desperate for a translator, Benquil and Evren use their token to teleport back to the Gian crystal cave where they get the Stone One’s attention. Evren tells it telepathically about the world builder and it becomes excited, indicating that it will destroy all the pests that use the world’s resources, including the crystals, and use magic without consideration. They offer to take it to see the world builder if it will translate for them and it accepts.

After teleporting the stone one to Fort Gollant, they set out toward the approaching world builder and in 10 miles feel the ground shaking and see the world builder drawing near. Evren urges the stone one to hail it and it calls out in the ancient tongue of the world builders, bringing it to a stop.

Evren monitors the stone one’s thoughts and the conversation quickly turns bad despite her protestations. The stone one makes only half-hearted efforts to justify leaving life on the world and very quickly the world builder convinces it to help it kill the party so they can’t interfere in its mission.

As the stone one rushes in to attack, Hilbrent teleports to his secret magical sanctum deep underground in Gollant March. Benquil casts a spell that protects them from the dragon’s lightning breath and as Evren evades attacks from the stone one Leo cleaves its hand off. At this point, Benquil produces Gregor’s death staff, using a prepared totem to shape its explosion to envelope only the dragon and the world builder. The screaming a tormented souls fills the wood as the necrotic energy erupts up toward the targets. Benquil’s magic sense and death sense are both overwhelmed and he faints to the ground as the rush of death comes to an end. Moments later, the bones of the dragon crash through the trees around the world builder’s feet.

As the world builder stands stunned above them, Lamila rushes to it and uses a crystal she harvested in the Southern continent to shatter its giant metal toe. Hilbrent reappears cradling several orbs of lightning energy, one of which he hurls at the stone one to little effect. Leo awakes Benquil who runs toward openings he saw in the world builder’s ankles.

As Leo severs the stone one’s other hand, Benquil enters the world builder’s right foot and begins to ascend a spiral staircase there. Evren is not far behind entering the left foot. Both suffer damage from a crackling magical energy inside. As they climb, the world builder comes to its senses, attempting to stomp on Leo, Lamila, and Hilbrent, but only crushing the stone one as they all dodge away, Hilbrent using an emergency 70 foot teleport. Benquil manages to keep his feet by clutching the railings.

As the world builder sets out toward Fort Gollant, Leo leaps onto its foot, holding on for a step before dropping down to enter the right ankle and climb the stairs. Benquil and Evren continue to climb, pausing to brace themselves against the quaking steps. Evren, the quicker of the two, reaches a windowed chamber at what is probably the knee and beholds her next obstacle.

Curious about the magic at work here? The Mind Weave magic system is one of spell construction. You can learn more about its components here. The Enchanter’s Almanack might also be helpful.

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