A Bat in the Belfry

On Monday January 27th, two new chosen adventures arrive in Citadel through the portal. Warned by a tired Verdis that a blizzard will strike at noon, they decide to stay close to Citadel, investigating reports of sounds in the incomplete temple. They are:

  • Agon (HuS): Level 1 Elf Magic-User (Fear, Stealth, Cold)
  • Alfred (KeS): Level 1 Human Monk

After grabbing some equipment from the public storage, they head to the temple. They clear the first floor, then the second, and find the third floor so unfinished that they can see end to end of the temple through the framed walls. After a little while searching for hidden spaces, Alfred becomes sure that the ceiling was high enough for another short floor above them.

Opening one of the tarp covered windows, Alfred climbs onto the roof above. Much of the angled roof is covered in tarps of cured hide, but he sees that one of the tarps is torn open, a hole big enough for him to enter. Reaching the hole, he sees an attic above the floor the had climbed out from.

He drops down and immediately sees a wolf-sized, winged lizard facing him from the far corner of the attic. Recognizing that the creature is wounded, feels threatened, and could become aggressive any moment, Alfred drops his spear and machete, keeping his hidden dagger in reserve.

The lizard charges. In the fight that follows, Alfred at first only dodges, then applies non-lethal damage with the butt if his dagger, and finally goes on the full offensive cutting and punching.

Meanwhile, Agon climbs onto the roof and begins casting a fear spell through the hole in the tarp. As he is nearing the finish of the spell, the lizard flees, flying out through the hole in the tarp, nearly knocking Agon from the roof. He keeps his focus and hits the lizard with the spell, transforming it at the last moment to turn the fear to ice damage, being only half successful. The lizard seems unaffected and continues into the Northeast.

Alfred determines that there is nothing else in the attic and emerges. While Agon waits, he sees a campfire in the distance gleaming against the start of the blizzard and away from the villages of the Vale.

Returning safe to Citadel House, they report the campfire and get settled into the house.

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