Exploring Tuv

On Saturday the 11th of January, three Citadel House adventurers in the elven experimental facility at the center of the blight use their elven communication device to contact Citadel House and request more adventurers to resupply them, not wanting to make the long trek back before making more progress in the facility. Three adventurers load up Oscar the horse with food and set out toward the blight on Monday January 13th:

  • The Tuv Team
    • Lonir (MaC): Level 5 Elf Thief.
    • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 6 Human Fighter.
      • Pet Rock Phineas
    • Frank (PaT): Level 4 Dwarf Brawler.
      • German Shepherd Jabba
  • The Relief Team
    • Simon (JeA): Level 3 Human Druid
      • Wolf Companion Fenris
    • Jonathan (JaA): Level 2 Human Musician
      • Draft Horse Oscar
    • Aronis (WaB): Level 2 Human Magic-user

The relief party arrives quickly and uneventfully at the blight and by radio they agree that the inside party will secure the hatch area for them to approach. They find the hatch locked, however, and are unable to open it from the inside.

The relief party, therefore, ask for Nekolyn aid opening the hatch safely. They are granted four Nekolyn escorts and Frank blows Lonir’s horn to make their passage easier. As they approach the hatch, they see the mutated Nekolyn and Jonathan uses his mandolin to slow time and give them a chance to make a plan. The four Nekolyns decide to capture their deranged brother, but first help them open the hatch (tied off with a vine).

Once inside, the group agrees they don’t want the hatch being closed on them again and ascend to remove the hatch door. They then return into the facility and after setting nose making traps in the kitchen proceed to the rooms below where they spend the night.

During the night, their alarm trap sounds and they use their key and knowledge of the facility to make a two pronged assault on the kitchen/dining area. They find it is only the four Nekolyns returned to report the deranged one’s escape after wounding one of them and that his spear had been broken (all determined via the Planet Mercenary mayhem deck and dice). They group requests they use the horn to help them return to the other Nekolyns and depart.

In the morning Wednesday the 15th, they go forth to explore the facility. During their days of rest, Lonir, Verdis, and Frank mastered the puzzle on the first door and together they approach the left door through which the facsimile told them the source of the lightning could be found. The puzzle there electrocutes Verdis on their first attempt, but Jonathan safely solves it on the second.

The massive door opens to reveal another stair leading down. As they descend, the beds of mushrooms, some of them quite large, cause them no small amount of concern. They withdraw up the stairs and Simon takes a few seconds to cast a fireball, engulfing the room below in flames. Out of the smoke and flames, a couple of waist-high flaming mushrooms emerge up the stairs. In the ensuing battle, Aronis is nearly killed after falling down the stairs and being pummeled in a failed acrobatics attempt while fighting on the front lines. He manages to escape and reach Verdis far away from the battle in what can only be termed a manifestation of his degrading mental state in the face of constant adventuring.

With the mushrooms dealt with, they proceed again to the edge of the burned area and Simon uses another fireball to clear the way further. With the path now clear, they search a record room, taking many of the records with them. Further along, they find the enchant generating the lightning and after learning a little of how the collection works manage to disable it and stop the lightning, as witnessed by Frank and Verdis who returned up above.

With that achieved, they take a look at the other door out of the main statue room. The puzzle there gives them a little trouble, but after some stings from statues turned into sprites, they make it through. Beyond and down some stairs there are massive tunnels diverging many directions. They search a room near the stairs and take some maps, which Mukdue the sentient bag of holding agrees to carry.

Picking a tunnel by hugging the left wall, they find themselves descending for over a mile as the tunnel curves to the right. It is then they come upon a psycat, which attacks. During the battle, Lonir is left unconscious by unlucky fire gouts on the part of Aronis. They manage to defeat it and heal Lonir, but realizing the expanse and danger of the place, depart.

They make an uneventful return to Citadel. Simon, Jonathan, and Aronis all level up.

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