A Dragon and Its Hoard Are Both Huge

The Stormguard party (which I’ve taken to calling Benquil and his companions after all the changes) were last seen trading information with Fardaya Del’Armgo, the Faded One. The three sessions since have been short, but eventful.

Before leaving Fardaya, they ask a few more questions, among other things learning the location of the Bones of Lolith and that they are considered by her the only hope of keeping the “world builders” from destroying all life on Perenia. They are also told that the crystals are the key to this quest and contact Hilbrent to see if he can make a trip to Stormguard to check on the goblins and their Sarpin crystals.

With good directions to the Gian Crystals and great responsibility hanging over them, the party makes its way North. After a few days, Benquil comes upon a dragon sleeping in its lair. The aura of darkness distorting his infrared vision exposes it to be a Black Dragon.

The party makes a plan and while the fight was intense enough that I plan on making a comic of it soon, I won’t give the play by play here. Suffice to say that Benquil and Leo made good use of their surprise round and called shots to deliver a prodigious amount of poison and deal some serious damage. Leo’s jumping talents allowed him to deliver melee blows to unarmored sections of the 400 foot dragon, doing most of what the poison didn’t do. Evren got in some good punches, but was largely stymied by the range of engagement.

With the dragon defeated, the party looks upon a blanket of treasure, spread 1-2 coins deep and barely showing rock in a 60 foot radius. With some miniature water elementals, plenty of time, and 15 bags, they manage to gather up all of the coins and gems, teleporting them back to Brimahil’s tower to be counted. Among the gems, Benquil senses about a dozen with magical auras.

They also take several suits of adamantite and mithril chain, some of it very high quality, along with dozens of weapons in adamantite and mithril, again with several very nice specimens. They also find a clockwork sphere, a glass harmonica, a strange gauntlet, blue-lensed goggles, adamantite plate armor, a wand, a ring, and a beret all with magical auras. They continue on until time to make camp 4 hours later, contacting Mickey to learn he has recruited 3 other disciples of Brimahil to count the treasure and that they are halfway finished sorting the gold out and counting it.

Observations: taking the time to solve the logistics of sorting through the treasure seems to have done a lot to impress on them how much treasure this was. It only seems to have made the excitement greater that they still don’t know how much they brought in. The players confirm that they enjoyed solving the logistical problem and that the anticipation to know what they got makes the treasure even more alluring. I’m glad I made them put in the work to collect their 4,500 pounds of treasure (not counting the armor and weapons and such).

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