The Dead Disturbed

On Monday, November 25th, a cloudy day, a pair of adventurers respond to a report of a bone-filled sink hole in a timberford field. They are:

  • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 5 Human Fighter.
  • Lonir (MaC): Level 4 Elf Thief

They arrive at Timberford and learn that the hole has been covered and is a 12 foot drop to the floor below. They borrow a stake and a rope and head out to the field, descending into the cavern with Lonir’s glowing crystal illuminating a 6′ wide trench extending into darkness one way, with various crawl spaces diverging from the trench.

Going down one of the side passages, they slay a lone exhumer, surprised to see an elf undead. Their next skirmish is against 4 of the creatures, emerging to follow their light. That fight gets a little dicey, with Verdis being grappled and resisting the impulse to vomit long enough for Lonir to free him. Once free, they clean up the enemy. They pick off another exhumer in that trench before crawling through to another large cavern.

Inside is a massive conglomerate exhumer. Verdis opens with fire breath from his mask while Lonir looses arrows. It manages to roll on top of Verdis thanks to the kind of piss-poor dodge roll that has become his trademark. While Lonir continues to put arrows into it, Verdis plants his spear, attempting to push the ball off with the thorns. He starts to vomit all over himself. With some ice breath freezing his vomit, Verdis manages to kill the creature, crawling out from under it.

From there they get into a couple more skirmishes. Looting the trenches, they collect some +2 weapons and armor that stand out for being well preserved. They also come across some kind of communication device. They find a pouch that apparently has some magic preserving it. It is intelligent and accuses them of stealing it from its master, insisting that they return it.

They leave, satisfied that their job is done and leaving only two exhumers that they know of intact. Verdis receives permission from Matthias to open a joint store room in Citadel House for adventurers to take common equipment from, storing there the communication devices, the +2 sword, and the +2 60# bow.


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