Vale Observation Outpost

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The Dragon Empire became aware of the presence of the settlers in the Vale. They had been warned by their ancestors of the arrogance and power of the elves, and there were elves among these new settlers. Though their mission objective was ostensibly to observe the settlement and remain unseen, the kobolds and white dragon assigned to the mission had been taught from youth to hate the elves. It would not be long before observation turned to intervention.

The Vale Observation Outpost is the kobold garrison found and defeated by the Vale adventurers. It is built into a sheer, flat hill Northeast of the Vale on the southern edge of the foothills. From the vantage point atop the hill, Kobolds were able to keep at least a long view of the Vale and see their progress in construction and growth.

A long, steep wash in the Northwest of the hill serves as access to the top without any truly rigorous climbing. At the mouth of this wash the Kobolds constructed a barricade with a small door to secure the outpost. In the wash, there are three caves cut down into the hill behind.

The first cave on the right leads to a mess hall with a kitchen beyond and a store room with a well beyond that. A tunnel off the mess itself joins the cave on the left of the wash just beyond a watch command center, winding back through a haphazard armory to a large cavern with 30 straw beds. A tunnel off the left side of this cavern leads to three pits dug for latrines. A tunnel at the back of the garrison cavern leads to a separate latrine and a pair of straw mats where the sub-commanders of the garrison would bunk.

The true commander of the garrison, a white dragon about 20 years old and 20 feet long, lives in the final cave accessible from the wash. He is brash and untrusting of his own kobolds. It was only a matter of time before he hungered for glory and commanded an attack on the Vale.

Treasure: A few assorted coins found among the belongings of the kobolds and three large, uncut, low-quality gems on display in the dragon’s cave. White dragons are notoriously bad at hanging onto treasure, but as part of this position he received something of a stipend with which he acquired the pretty stones.

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