The Faded One

We left the underdark party 19 days into their dedicated journey to Emberlung in search of the crystals Brimahil has become aware of in the underdark. On October 19th, with the song of the unseen choir in the creeping sun cavern still audible behind them, they continue on, soon coming upon a cavern shaped much like a creeping sun cavern, but with no biome within. Instead, massive spider webs partially block entry and they immediately grow cautious.

Through a well-invented, 8 minute life-sight spell cast on himself and the others, they all see the cold-blooded and invisible spiders beyond. However, as they proceed, invisible webs hinder their passage and alert some of the spiders. Leo’s Infiltrator’s Intuition allows them to plan their approach better and his sniper archery is enough to prevent them getting close until eventually they proceed too quickly for him to intuit again and more spiders than he can kill respond. They slay the spiders without suffering harm and Benquil collects some of their venom.

They continue again in 20 hour travel/sleep cycles until the 28th, passing a creeping sun cavern with a rainstorm within, a Brown Dragon moving up the same tunnel which they avoid, a peaceful creeping sun cavern, and a thunderstorm rushing past their stone hut during the night of the 27th. On the 28th, they find themselves growing exhausted with the long journey. They take extend their usual 8 hour rest to 28 hours, Benquil finally examining the phantom spider poison and finding it to be a paralytic with some other magical property he can’t identify.

Well rested, they continue again, on the 29th coming across a creeping sun cave with young brush and a lava pool. They pass through, eluding some fire drakes near the pool. They also have a tense moment as a swarm of cut bats approaches, Leo and Evren as they defend Benquil (who was casting a shelter).

On the 31st they pass through a cavern where the creeping sun seems to have died, and the biome with it. They also eat the last of their food supply. Benquil teleports back to Fort Gollant and gathers up another month of stores before returning to the party.

Then their journey is uneventful for a while, until on the 3rd of November a green glow and mist catch Evren’s attention down a diverging passage. Benquil investigates, meeting the Faded One, Fardaya Del’Armgo, his great great grandmother (who he had never been told anything about). She offers to answer questions in exchange for knowledge and Benquil is able to learn a great deal about what she considers his destiny, the crystals, and the world builders. We left the session open to more questions next time, because it was getting late.


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