Biweekly Item-The Thief’s Curse

12 April 357

Ever since we left the Tomb of Nardula we’ve been harried at every turn. Wild animals and even some feral undead have attacked at least twice a day for a week. We’ve even suffered some wounds. Could the runes threatening a curse on those who rob the tomb be sincere?

17 April 357

We finally reached a town with a magical appraiser who could look over our loot. He identified an innocuous amulet as the cause for our continuing harassment. Apparently it can only be gotten rid of in a transaction between two aware and willing individuals. We sold some of our haul to pay what he requires to take it off our hands. Hopefully he’s still open to the deal in the morning.

19 April 357

Harris is dead. A massive number of undead attacked in the morning. We couldn’t be sure it was the curse, until Maren found the amulet among Harris’s things. We made good time unharried yesterday and now it seems easier to push on to High Castle than to return to Torvil’s Cross and deal with that scheming merchant. Our chances don’t look good either way.

20 April 357

We left the amulet with Harris’s body and reached High Castle safely. The amulet does not seem to have returned to us. We intend to return to Torvil’s Cross for some unsettled business and hope to leave some sort of warning with the amulet along the way.

The Thief’s Curse is a small blackened disk on a silver chain. The disk itself is the host of the curse. It emits a constant aura and high pitched keening that draws undead and animals for a half mile all around toward it.

Once carried more than a quarter mile it becomes bound to the bearer and if left behind, sold, disposed of, or lost will return to the cursed one’s belongings at dawn the following day, emitting a pulse of the aura lasting an hour that extends its range to 5 miles all around. The only way to do away with it is for it to be stolen beyond the cursed one’s best ability to prevent the theft, if they are aware of it. The curse then transfers to the thief. When the cursed one dies, the amulet becomes inert until again carried a quarter mile by someone.

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