Walking in Darkness

We left the underdark party after a week of rest for Benquil to recover.┬áThat done, the party returns to Gregor’s Redoubt, where Karen informs them she’s had the Hectarm destroyed and its parts carried far away. They descend and pass through the Acrit’s lair, continuing on into the Temple of the Bones. They take the shortest route to House Baldis’ holdings in the temple, seeing only the sack covering Brimahil’s statue again as a sign of activity since they left.

Baldis tells them the way to Emberlung city, their destination, and Evren verifies psychically they are being truthful. In exchange, they pass on some information about House Jagdiellon. Baldis lets them use their secret entry to the temple and they set off toward the North.

They set out, walking 684 miles from October 1st to October 19th in 23 twelve hours walk, eight hours sleep cycles. On the way, they pass through 5 caverns with small biomes in them, lit by bright lights on vines creeping up the outsides of the cave. The first is uneventful, the second they are attacked by a Psycat that bamboozles them but does little damage, the third they see a herd of strange cattle branded with the Jagdiellon symbol and elude some Jagdiellon ranchers, at the fourth they creep around a hundred foot long smokey dragon after watching it take down a psycat, and in the last they heard a choir singing a song but refrained from investigating.

They also escaped a storm coming down the tunnels that Baldis had warned them of.

Next time, the journey continues.

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