Clearing the Bones

On Monday, October 7th, Lonir and Verdis are well rested from the week long conference in Citadel and think it’s the time to finally clear the burial mound beneath Wraecliff’s castle (their last attempt here). They grab Frank and head up the hill:

  • Frank (WaB): Level 2 Dwarf Brawler
  • Lonir (MaC): Level 3 Elf Thief.
  • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 4 Human Fighter

Upon reaching the castle site, they meet Nicholas Wraecliff, who intends to use their incursion to convince some of his laborers to go back into the top level of the mound and shore up some of the weak foundations there. The upper levels of the mound are still clear from their previous incursions and they make their way quickly to the preparation room, where they snipe a zombie at the far end and consider checking out some of the other daggers before thinking better of it.

They descend to the next level from which they had been driven twice before and focus on the remaining Dead Lord, Lonir using a staff to command two of his archers while Frank fires arrows and his hound Jabba joins Verdis in melee. After a little faltering and a short time prone on the part of Verdis, they slay the Dead  Lord. With his sustenance removed, the others fall, including a creeper still waiting for it’s opportunity to strike.

In the hall beyond the room Verdis triggers a fire trap despite recognizing the smell. Seeing a door at the end of the hall, they send Lonir to take a look. The pictographs aren’t familiar to him, but he is able to surmise that a great king is buried beyond. He also gets the sense that death and/or cursing awaits intruders.

Lonir is unable to budge the heavy doors and Verdis is able to open them enough to see a sarcophagus and behind it a throne occupied by another Dead Lord. Frank joins Verdis to speed opening the doors and they are able to throw them both open, Frank taking an arrow as battle ensues.

They spend the battle trying to stay out of range of level and life drain while trying to bring down an armored knight undead (primarily driven by Verdis desire to loot its armor). When it seems they are getting close to dropping the knight, Verdis moves to keep the Dead Lord from healing it and fails a dodge, taking a devasting life drain. When he attempts to withdraw and heal himself, the knight strikes him, leaving him unconscious.

Together, Frank and Lonir are able to get him through the door, Lonir taking some hits on the way. With the undead closing the doors again behind them, they bind Verdis’ wounds and carry him to the top level where Wraecliff and his men help haul him out to Wraecliff’s wife, who is able to heal him. Lonir and Frank lead Wraecliff, his architect, and a couple of workers down to the third level where Wraecliff orders the door be sealed up, at least for now.

They return to Citadel on Wraecliff’s cart after being paid and sell the onyx crowns of the Dead Lords to a jeweler there. With Verdis weak from wounds and magical healing, they make plans for an excursion to the contaminants up river the following week.

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