Jagdiellon Strikes Back

We left the (can I still call them?) Stormguard party in a study room in an evacuated section of the Jagdiellon house facilities. There Benquil reports his findings, announcing his intention to bring out the rescued experiment to talk to her. She is withdrawn, but they learn that she calls herself Evren, that she was a member of House Hunyadi captured by a Jagdiellon drow names Emin. She recognizes Benquil’s ring, and his house name, believing she may have known his father after learning that his abandonment of House Del’Armgo led to its fall. They decide to let her come with them and hear soldiers taking up position in the hall outside.

Lamila gives her invisibility cloak to Evren and puts her ring on. They set out with Benquil in the lead and as the door opens, the apparent leader of the Jagdiellon force calls out to him, offering them a quick death if they surrender, rather than turning them over to Lolith to do with them as she will. Benquil offers to fight him personally one-on-one with the other members of each side leaving unharmed regardless of outcome. He agrees and they engage.

Benquil’s left scimitar is knocked from his hand immediately and he refrains from attacking with the right. The drow commander attacks and deals a little damage with his dagger before having both dagger and rapier knocked from his hands. He produces two more daggers and is again disarmed, though avoiding any damage. He fires a crossbow and Benquil attempts to catch the bolt, missing as it continues into him. Benquil requests a pause so he can replace the bolts in his crossbows with non-poisoned ones and it is granted.

Seeing things going badly, Lamila jumps in, using her mirror to swing at the commander. He dodges her invisibile swing and accuses Benquil of betraying their agreement. Benquil and the commander exchange ineffective bolts while Lamila moves away toward the soldiers, cutting to less effect than normal. Leo feels Evren let go of her hand and casts a light spell to pierce her invisibility, finding her unconscious at his feet. He heals her and sees no sign of wounds, though she remains unconscious.

As Leo examines her, he notices a drow standing over him about to strike him. The drow jumps back, daggers drawn, when Leo sees him and Leo also stands, ready to engage. Suddenly, a bolt of dark, fiery lightning appears from the air before Benquil and as he tries to dodge, passes through his chest, leaving a hole there as it continues to leave two large scorch marks on the floor behind him.

Seeing him fall dead, Leo scoops up Evren, runs to him, and removes a Hilbrent token from his tattoo. They all vanish, appearing in Brimahil’s tower where Leo heals Benquil with a Festval of the Migrant Resurrection Staff, bring him back to life, but still unconscious. Lamila continues to fight, taking some damage from counter blows before realizing the others are gone. She break off from the fight, finding a safe place to contact Hilbrent who after a minute or so teleports to her, teleporting with her back to his laboratory outside Fort Gollant. She informs him of what happened and he teleports to find Benquil and Leo. Seeing them alive and in the tower, he returns to Lamila and points her toward them.

With Benquil exhausted from death and resurrection, they spend a few days at the Fort Gollant, Evren meeting Caedmon (Benquil’s father), and recognizing him from her childhood. He is elated to see her well and offers to use some of his substantial funds to get her established on the surface. She also meets Brimahil, who offers a great deal of sympathy and insight about some of her fragmented memories.

As Benquil is starting to feel adventure worthy, King Gamlis arrives responding to his letter. He authorizes Hilbrent to put a portal between Fort Gollant (specifically where Benquil is building a tavern) and an isolated place in his kingdom, where Benquil plans to establish a home for the party. He also brings news of rumors of crystals to the South, found by the orcs, that might tie into the stories of primordial gods Benquil had written to him about. He meets Brimahil and they all agree that Lamila is the best suited to investigate this. With Evren equipped, she, Benquil, and Leo plan to re-enter the Temple of the Bones and talk to House Baldis about finding their way North to Emberlung, which Evren believes is near other crystal deposit they seek.

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