Play Report-Into House Jagdiellon

We left Benquil with his veil of invisibility pierced by glaring lights, a cage around him, and a dozen crossbows trained on him. He calls out to the drow crossbowmen that they have one chance to lay down arms. They open fire and, despite a valiant flurry of parries, strike him with three bolts. He retreats through the portal, joining the others.

He describes the room beyond and they consider a few plans to:

  1. Get through the cage.
  2. Darken the lights.
  3. Mitigate damage from incoming bolts.

Ultimately, they decide on a multi-directional, short-range teleport activated by passing through a portal to scatter them on the other side of the cage. They’re willing to take some bolts under the assumption that they will be spread amongst them and be little problem.

They go through the portal and teleport out into the room beyond the cage, finding it still lit but empty. A ruckus in the room beyond leads them on and they peek through the door to see monstrous creatures battling amid cages there, apparently released when they realized they couldn’t hold the portal. They rush into the room, aiming to cross it as quickly as possible without drawing attention. For Leo, this includes using Blade Dance in a crowded spot. As Lamila (able to pass through the monsters with her ring on) nears the far door, Benquil is almost halfway with Leo spinning a ways behind him when holes open above and whistling sounds fill the large room. Dark shapes cut Benquil and Leo, mitigated in part by parries and dodges. They all reach the door and upon picking the lock rush in, slamming the door before many of the cut bats can get in. Another door awaits 10 feet away, but the floor starts to fall beneath them with the ceiling falling as well. Benquil teleports above the falling ceiling, his fall slowed by his goose rider’s kit.

Leo casts a 1.5 second spell to put a hole in the ceiling and jumps through it. Lamila barely manages to squeeze through before the bottom slab cracks against the ground, followed immediately by the top one, knocking the wind out of her and leaving her sore. Benquil soon reaches the ground and just as Leo spots a hidden door, acid starts to drip on the shattered slab and their armor. They burst through the secret door into a room full of mangled and rotting monstrous creatures. Benquil is fully incapacitated with vomiting and Leo has some trouble as well. Lamila helps Benquil to the door and he manages to get a grip enough to pick the lock and burst out of the putrid room.

They move through the corridors beyond without direction except to follow the most trafficked fork when possible, passing through a locker room with crude hazmat suits (they take 2) and working their way up. They kill one patrol apparently looking for them and find themselves in corridors filled with empty study rooms and laboratories. Eventually they find their way to a balcony overlooking the house courtyard, seeing the massive external door and the house proper against the inner wall of the cavern. They make their way toward the house proper, eventually seeing a pair of drow guards directing other drow away from the section the party has been in. Apparently Jagdiellon has quarantined the section anticipating their arrival.

With drow traffic significantly heavier beyond the barricade, Benquil proceeds alone, relying on his high stealth, invisibility, and ability to speak drow as advantages over other party members in the crowded conditions. He makes his way purposefully toward the temple deep in the house proper, looking for the bones of Lolith or maybe a key to a chapel in the Temple of the Bones. His detection turns up no bones, but while he is in the main cathedral of the temple he witnesses the presentation of an experiment. It is a drow woman, heavily drugged, who demonstrates the ability to move things with her mind and read minds as part of the presentation.

When they leave with the experiment, he follows, breaking into the lab where she is kept and convincing her to climb into his bag of holding. With little confidence there is anything else of value in easy reach, he intends to return to the others. Suddenly, a siren sounds and a magically enhanced voice directs all Jagdiellon drow to go to their homes and wait until the all clear is given. The dead patrol has been found and Jagdiellon is realizing the true danger of the intruders. He hurries back to the party, bumping one person in the press but avoiding being grabbed.

They all withdraw to one of the study rooms they passed, trapping a door two rooms down, and prepare to question the rescued experiment and get their bearings before deciding where to go next.

This session strayed beyond what I had prepared and followed close on the previous session. All things considered, I think it went fairly well.

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