Play Report-Invisible Doors

The party had discovered hidden access to the left side of the adamantite spider head at the face of the temple. After some attempts on Leo’s part to bore through to the right side with magic, and then subsequently hide the hole he made, they make directly for “Ingress” on their map.

They find themselves on the residential level where they believe Jagdiellon entered, but the corridor with the marked room is filled with a roiling green gas. They glance at some of the other doors with indecision until Lamila tries taking a look around with her ring on. She can see through one of the doors. Inside the room is well furnished and she had to resist the urge to walk in. She takes the ring off and informs the others if the door. Benquil tries to pick the lock and it eats his lock picks. Let tries to sunder the lock and cuts it deeply and the lock yawns wide with jagged teeth and a lashing tongue, filling most of the doorway with feral danger. They withdraw and it eventually calms.

Seeing that the cloud of green is slowly creeping closer, they turn their attention on that problem. Benquil sends the facsimile (on loan from Hilbrent) into the cloud with instructions to close any open doors, mark them with charcoal, and upon returning hold up a finger for each closed door. The facsimile returns and hold up one finger. The cloud eventually disperses before doing any real damage not solved by Leo’s neutralize poison spell.

To their dismay, they find the door to “ingress” marked with charcoal. Lamila tries her ring on again and finds about door she can pass through. Inside, a statue tries to grab her and she breaks free, leaving the room. They decide to explore upstairs and wait for the gas in the room to disperse.

At the top of the stairs, Leo almost walks into a spider web. The webbing is natural, but apparently placed as a trigger for a trap. It fills the corridor at least 10 feet deep. Leo uses his staff to start sweeping the webs away and oil flow out onto the floor of the hall, igniting violently and burning them all (only a little with the protection of their firesilk cloaks) as they rush to the far end of the corridor. The fire continues to rage and they search what appears to be a laboratory, long raided. On the mostly emptied workbench, Benquil finds a pot of tar, a jar of blue gel, a small metal rectangle (2”x1”x1/2”) with an aura of fire magic, an inexplicably compressed spring, and a paper with the word “go” in drow (Who Would Just Leave This Stuff, Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World). They learn that the word is a command word for the spring to uncoil.

Concerned with how the drow of house Ravnae were able to access this section, Leo searches for trap doors with no success. Eventually, they learn that the large cage in the room can teleport to a similar cage in a room with other cages when the key is turned. Benquil searches the other end a little before returning. They lock it and take the key with them.

Through another door they find the quarters of the high priest, though their use has clearly changed. It has been raided, but the large bed is still made and recently used and there is a supply of preserved food and a large barrel of water, all of which they take. Benquil finds some makeup and a couple heavy fur coats in an armoire and Leo finds a hollow table leg with a pick with a couple stone marbles and a vial of bright red eggs with a vague magic aura (Who Would Just Leave This Stuff, Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World).

Fire suppressant has put out the fire in the corridor and it’s mostly degraded. Leo magically seals the holes from which the oil flowed and Benquil picks the lock on the remaining web covered and charred door. Inside they find a restrained giant spider and large mechanism. They resolve to later rescue the spider (which would no longer fit through the door) and steal the oil reservoir from the trap mechanism.

They return to the ingress door and hang an invisibility cloak on the handle, seeing through it that the gas on the other side is very thick. They order the facsimile to find the mechanism and destroy it before opening the door and letting it in, letting only a little gas out. They hear some smashing but never hear the knock it was supposed to give as a signal to get back out. Eventually they go in and find acid has eaten through the floor in nearly half the room and continues to eat at the edges and at the tables, chairs, and floor below. The gas swirls in the room below. In the other half of the room is a decorative arch they assume to be a transporter to Jagdiellon’s home. Benquil steps through and finds himself under lights bright enough to pierce his invisibility, in a cage with no door, with a dozen crossbows trained on him.

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