Play Report-Again, with Conviction

We left the underdark expedition in the middle of a chaotic battle in the Temple of the Bones. Lamila was trapped against the wall with her ring on and the lava had been stopped.

With the front line broken and Leo and Benquil invisible in among their ranks, the drow are falling quickly (though not so quickly as if Lamila were not pressed against the wall by a reeling statue that keeps rolling ‘left’ and grinding against her armor). Benquil sees them demoralized and calls for a surrender. Leo goes to remove the stone suffocating the statue’s controller. Lamila gets her ring off in time to kill one more who refused to lay down arms and the rest drop their weapons.

With the drow in custody, the statue starts to melt, lava out and threatening to fill the hall. Leo rescues the unconscious driver and they escape, leading the drow captives further down the hall. Benquil informs Mickey at Brimahil’s tower that they are coming with a dozen prisoners, drops a teleport token at the bottom of the temple so they can return, and uses one of Hilbrent’s tokens to teleport them all to the tower in Fort Gollant.

There the prisoners are given beds, they all receive healing, Benquil consults Brimahil, they find the statue driver died in being removed and refuses resurrection, they interrogate the prisoners, inspect their new map of the temple, and get a full 8 hours rest.DrowTempleSearchMap

Very well rested and with a plan, they teleport back to the temple and start working their way up. Once again, bodies have been removed and the temple is silent and empty. Benquil picks a lock and finds a long abandoned guard room, but in searching it thoroughly comes up with 8 glass marbles, a cracked flask of acid that has burned a hole to the next floor (both courtesy of Who Would Just Leave this Stuff: Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World), and a key ring with a half dozen centuries-old keys. While he searches, Leo carefully peeks into an unlocked door to find a large bathing pool.

They regroup and find the next door locked with a recently replaced lock. Benquil tries to pick it, finding the last tumbler is electrified. Despite snickers at his pain from inside, he pushes through and manages to get the door open. Inside, House Baldis implores them to leave, agreeing to trade information for their safety and even to allow the party passage through the corridors they control. After a few questions about their destination (the room marked on the Jagdeillon map as “Ingress”) and telling them the bones are not in the temple, they leave Baldis unharmed and continue up a few flights of stairs to the antechamber where they entered.

With the Jagdiellon map, Leo recognizes that the room is spider shaped, but missing two legs. He searches one suspicious wall and finds a hidden ladder and door. Behind the door are two boxes, one holding notes about the temple and the other miscellaneous trapping and exploration equipment. He takes both.

Meanwhile, Benquil inspects the head area, finding two thick fluids in a font that is built with a lever to mix the two. He thinks better of mixing them upon finding the lever is trapped be thrown when someone steps on a tile nearby. Leo searches the other suspicious missing leg wall and finds a second hidden door with stairs leading up. They all ascend and find themselves in the left side of the spider head at the face of the temple. Benquil uses magic to curl back the adamantite and steal one of the flat, ruby spider eyes which they had learned were able to see through their invisibility cloaks, but not Lamila’s ring.

Unable to find their way into the right side of the head, they are ready to continue toward Jagdiellon’s ingress.

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