Play Report-Things Heat Up

Having just completed a battle with those drow apparently coordinating the search for them within the temple, Benquil pushes away thoughts of backstabbing the withdrawing drow and returns to Leo’s stone wall to wait for it to drop. Meanwhile, Leo and Lamila hear loud steps and jangling armor approaching down the large corridor. Leo runs toward the sound and jumps into the upper corner of the hall (wall and ceiling), hiding invisibly so the force can pass him. Lamila puts her ring on upon seeing the large force, including a moving statue with a single drow fitting on either side. Leo’s wall drops in time for Benquil to see the statue take up position walling the center of the corridor, with the drow wedging their shields in the openings on either side.

The drow send a scout over the statue down the hall where Benquil is standing and he follows, stabbing it in the back. At the same time, Leo casts a spell that creates a storm of rock that starts to accumulate on the walls behind the force, rapidly closing off retreat. One of the drow sees the scout go down and calls out. Battle ensues as the drow notice and disregard the cut off retreat.

Leo drops from his position, firing an arrow into the drow lying inside the statue’s back, but seeing it redound harmlessly from the air above him just before piercing the unsuspecting fool’s heart. Lamila moves down the right lane to attack from behind, but holding the massive axe in one hand and the mirror in the other, her blow catches on the statue. The drow ready themselves and the statue opens a massive mouth, spewing lava onto the floor in front of it that oozes across the floor nearly closing off the hall Benquil is in.

Benquil escapes, shooting a bolt into the formation. Leo climbs onto the statue, waiting for a chance. Lamila kicks a drow out of formation from behind, nearly knocking him into the lava. The drow archers fire in Benquil’s general direction to no effect. Lava continues to flow.

Benquil takes another shot, killing the shield drow on the left side, who he had struck before. Leo stabs at the statue riding drow with two darts from the dart trap near the temple’s entrance, but the tips bend and break without penetrating the wall of force. Lamila tries to grab the pike from the drow behind her and fails. Drow archers loose again, striking Benquil with a couple arrows as he parries. Lava continues to flow.

Benquil rushes into the line on the left with both (poisoned) scimitars, cutting through drow, leaving two dying in his wake. Leo casts a spell, encasing the drow below in stone, then another to cover the statue’s mouth and stop the lava flow. Lamila removes her ring in hopes of being more effective. The statue reels to the left, crushing Lamila against the wall and swing an arm that Benquil dodges. Leo leaps off to the open spot left on its right.

We had to end early, and the battle will continue soon!


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