Biweekly Monster-Psycat (Panthera Psiona)

The total darkness that only a thousand feet of solid rock could produce enveloped Taleris. It was a safety blanket unlike anything else he could expect down here. His life detecting circlet warned him of something moving through the empty darkness nearby. He stopped, slowing his breathing and staring into the black. He could hear the beast’s measured breaths. 

It would soon pass. Taleris resisted the urge to reach for his dagger as it drew near. Suddenly a pair of glowing eyes turned and locked onto him. How could it know! And then there were five rushing all over him. He drew his sword, meeting only air as claws bit into him.

Psycats are apex predators of the underdark. Stealthy and strong, they are more than a match for even the largest prey.

But that is not there greatest asset in the hunt. As the name implies, psycats possess psionic abilities that allow them to sense other consciousnesses in the darkness. This empowers them to overcome most of the stealthy means common among creatures in the underdark.

Once they have locked onto a mind or group of minds, psycats can project into the mind(s) a few (2d4) false images each taking a different path of attack, allowing the true cat to strike unopposed. This power is usable once per day, enduring 30 seconds. It is used primarily when desperately hungry and the prey has become aware if the psycat.

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