Seeking a Robber

With another new arrival in Haven, the adventurers meet another week.

On Monday, August 12th, another new adventurer passes through the portal to Haven from Enoch:

  • Peter (KeM): a farmer serious about his personal spirituality and fitness. (Level 1 Human Monk with Natural Empathy, Climb, and Jump from backstory and some Double Jump and Agility from past experience.) He received an elegant pen that can transform into a sword upon command. He leaves behind his land, animals, and equipment for the opportunity to be an explorer.

He arrives in the Citadel House to find some prior arrivals discussing a potential visit to the Satyrs as escorts for Matthias’ people he wants to send:

  • Jonathan (JaA): Level 1 Human Musician.
  • Simon (JeA): Level 1 Human Druid.
  • Lonir (MaC): Level 1 Elf Thief.
  • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 1 Human Fighter.

Having been told by Matthias that this task was of the utmost importance, they approach him to ask about the people he wants to send to the Satyrs Simon, Thorn, and Legolas discovered nearly a month ago. He informs them that his time with the Satyr delegation confirmed that they had no knowledge of the Gospel, but are purely hedonistic and amoral, if pleasant and jovial. He wishes to send missionaries (largely elves) to the Satyrs to open a mission among them. Given some of the recent dangers, he would like an escort for the missionary party. This escort would also be looking for the Starwatcher one of the Satyrs stole from his desk, evidently considering his hunting knife a fair trade for the precious magical and mechanical tool.

So, on the morning of the 13th, with food and other supplies prepared, they join the six missionaries and make their way toward the woods where they had met the Satyrs.

By lunch, Simon decides they are close to where he found the trail before; he and Verdis quickly pick up a track. Despite one of the missionaries spraining an ankle, they reach the clearing where Simon met the Satyrs before around noon the next day (the 14th). During lunch, Simon and Peter spy smoke to the West. They set out and in a couple hours come upon small huts clustered among the trees.

The Satyrs greet them and after some songs, including a hymn, from Jonathan, the missionaries take over the gathering crowd and offer a sermon. The party takes the opportunity to establish a camp site and Simon looks for Satyrs from the delegation that might be the thief. He spots one and confronts him, learning that another member of the delegation, Garble, had made the ‘trade’ but that he was now out hunting, as he is a skilled hunter.

Anticipating another long night, Simon takes a nap while the others pass the time waiting for the hunters to return. As sunset nears and hunters start to trickle in, Verdis and Peter hear unintelligible calls in the Satyr tongue coming from the Northwest. They run to the tree line (Peter climbing a tree), calling to the others. As Satyrs scatter toward the woods, Lonir inquires what is going on and is told an ‘Elf-Eater’ is coming. Fearing for the safety of the missionaries, Lonir and Simon hide them in a hut, emerging just as the massive wolf bursts into the village, pursuing a pair of Satyrs.

Peter and Verdis get surprise. Peter drops from the tree, throwing two knives into the wolf’s thick, furry hide. It turns angry blue eyes on him and Verdis sinks an arrow in its breast. As the fight progresses, the wolf focuses on Verdis, who drops his bow to fight axe and shield. Arrows from the others seem not to deter or distract it until Peter gets a critical hit, sinking his sword deep in its side.

The wolf lets out a howl, paralyzing Verdis and Simon with fear while Lonir and Jonathan flee. Peter is merely shaken and fights on. Verdis is bitten and recovers enough from fear to turn and run, feeling claws rake across his back. The wolf turns it’s attention on Peter, who continues to fight as the others recover enough to loose more arrows into the beast, Jonathan finally landing a fortuitous shot in its right eye over its shoulder, dropping it.

The Satyrs return rejoicing, helping to skin and butcher the wolf ahead of a feast in honor of the conquering heroes.

During the feast, the party receives many gifts: wreaths, garlands, food, drink, and mundane instruments at first, but then the music starts to calm. The gifts start to arrive one at a time. Lonir receives a scroll that when opened releases an aroma of flowers. Jonathan receives a bedroll purported to feel like sleeping in a real bed. Simon receives a stone bowl useful for supplying warm bath water. Peter a stone bird that when exposed to light sings a lovely bird song. And finally, for Verdis, a small bowl capable of freshening dry and stale rations.

Then the music all but stops and uncharacteristically somber Satyrs approach with more gifts. Lonir receives a horn that sounds silently and calms nature nearby, at the cost of muting him for an hour. Jonathan receives panpipes that compel those that hear them to dance. Simon receives a pillow that calms his tortured sleep with a sweet dream contained therein. Peter receives a Cornucopia that when given a coin produces enough food for four on rations. And Verdis receives a mask that imparts fire and frost breath once daily each at the cost of social ability, only removable upon confessing a secret truth to a friend.

They retire early from the party and in the morning (the 15th) spend some time tracking down Garble, retrieving the Starwatcher, learning about their gifts, and asking about where the elf-eater came from which led them to ask more about the lizard people they met on the way up river (learning they were Kobolds and that it was larger lizard people who created the elf-eaters). The Satyrs seem concerned that the Kobolds are so far South and West and the party shares that concern given that they participated in the past elvish genocide on the continent and there are a number of elves among the Haven settlers.

They leave the missionaries among the Satyrs and make their way back to Citadel, arriving in the evening of the 16th, where they report to Matthias on the mission and return the Starwatcher.

Simon and Verdis, the most seasoned members of the party, level up. Simon doubles down on tracking and trapping while Verdis focuses on combat capability.

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