Velder’s Cave

“Up, down, left, left, down, right… or was there an up in there?”

“Don’t tell me you’re lost. What’s the point of this anyway. You said there was a treasure in here. Can’t be much of one; I can barely squeeze through here in this armor. Who would haul treasure into this maze? “

“This treasure is very light, no bulk at all.”

“What kind of treasure is that?”

“The best kind: knowledge.”

Velder one day discovered a secret in his work in the archives. The discovery was entirely by accident, but when he vanished that day the rumor flew that it had been something of great import. The master of the archives feigned indifference to the rumors, but in truth he suspected that Velder had found the very secret he had gained that lofty position to obtain.

Velder vanished, searching for a good place to hide the secret, thinking he might find a way to use it for good, if he could only keep it out of the hands of evil. He was drawn to his family’s mines where he had played as a child. He took up work there in disguise, digging a tunnel in a secluded corner where he could bury the knowledge he had obtained.

As he dug, he found he was never satisfied with the shape or depth of the tunnel. He continually added twists and turns and forks, already going mad with the terror of what he now knew and could share with no one else. Before insanity overcame his will, he in a moment of lucidity looked upon his work and was satisfied. A riddle only the good and wise would be able to solve.

He left a note there, his first transcription of the secret, and returned to his family home to die, his mind broken but at last at rest.

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