Biweekly Item-The Rebel Spear

Sugyk contemplated the spear embedded upright in the mud before him. It always returns. How many champions had taken it? Eventually each would fall, but wherever they fell, the spear returned. Now war was at their caves again.

Sugyk steeled himself and plucked the spear from the mud. The dripping and grumbling sounds of the caverns seemed to slow and he felt a sense of celerity come over him.

He was about to turn and rush to combat the encroaching foe when a chill came over him. He looked around to see ghosts of past champions surrounding him.

“Do you think yourself more able than us to bring victory to our people? Then prove yourself!”

The Rebel Spear was a gift from Lolith to the troglodytes who rebelled against her and the drow. At first it was a boon to their efforts, though it slowly killed the champions willing to use it. As time went on, the spear gained a reputation for driving the wielder mad, often leading to their death before ever reaching battle.

The spear grants the wielder great speed of foot and hand and a clarity of mind that makes the rest of the world seem slower. At the same time, it draws upon the user’s rage and fear, tormenting both mind and body. The mental and physical wounds sustained while using it so not heal by mundane or magical means.

The spear, once taken up, cannot be laid down until the bitter and mad spirits of all who have died wielding it are defeated. When the spear is picked up, the spirits appear and challenge the new would-be champion. Only he can see them and they attack with all their wrath. As time has gone on, the number of spirit attackers has increased until now they slay most of those with the temerity to take up the Rebel Spear.

The Rebel Spear was created according to the item design philosophy found in Game Master resource A Blessing and a Curse.

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