Return to the Troll Bridge

With another new arrival in Haven, the adventurers meet another week.

On Monday, July 29th, another new adventurer passes through the portal to Haven from Enoch:

  • Jonathan (JaA): a traveling musician with a heart full of wanderlust. (Level 1 Human Musician with Riding, Persuade, and Haggle from backstory and some Second Hand and Emulate from past experience.) He received a golden mandolin to supplement his mundane one. It seems to have power over time itself. He leaves behind the freedom of the open road in search of greater adventure.

He arrives in the Citadel House to find some prior arrivals planning to deal with the returned troll under the Timberford bridge:

  • Thorn (NaA): Level 1 Dwarf Cleric.
  • Simon (JeA): Level 1 Human Druid.

Intimidated by the troll, they spend the day digging a pit deep enough to keep the troll in. The sun sets and the troll emerges, climbing onto the bridge. After some attempts to draw it out with music that annoy the villagers more than the troll, Simon approaches and looses an arrow into it. It chases him to the pit and falls in and Simon and Jonathan go to work filling it with arrows. They soon notice it is healing nearly as quickly as it is being wounded and Thorn casts a spell to strengthen Jonathan, increasing his rate of fire. They also try some time manipulation with Jonathan’s mandolin, to no avail.

Eventually, their arrows drop the troll, but seeing it still breathing, Thorn leaps into the pit, missing fantastically and bashing himself in the knee with his mace. As the troll starts to rise again, he batters it along with a resumed arrow barrage. Though it stops breathing, Thorn continues, mangling it badly before climbing out of the pit.

They start to push dirt back into the pit but soon see the troll stirring as its head rebuilds itself. Distraught that it isn’t staying dead, they think for a solution. Jonathan rolls high and gets some intuition that the seemingly diseased creature might need to be purged with some kind of cleansing agent, like maybe fire, acid, or sunlight. With the sun only recently set, they send Jonathan to ask villagers for tools while Simon builds a berm around the pit and Thorn monitors the troll.

The first house he visits isn’t happy to be disturbed, but in the end they proffer a flask of oil, bundle of sticks, and burning stick to help the party put an end to the troll’s yelling. Jonathan returns with the supplies and Simon starts a fire near the pit while they decide what to do. They determine they need more oil and Thorn (Jonathan is scared to talk to another villager) goes to request more oil. Thorn’s reception is generally worse, but in 4 or 5 houses (including the Branch President’s) he manages to get two more flasks and two more bundles of sticks.

Upon his return, they pour the oil onto the bellowing troll below and Simon and Jonathan launch arrows bearing a bundle of burning material each into the pit, setting the ground and troll alight. It thrashes and falls to the ground, seeming to die in the flames. With no sign of healing, they begin to bury the troll amid the smell of burning hair and flesh.

Remembering that the satyrs had said the troll might have a treasure, Simon wades out to the sandbar supporting the center of the bridge and finds there a small stash of gold. It includes some jewelry, 30 gold coins of an unrecognized mint, a gold plated lantern, and a golden arm bracer. Simon keeps it all so they can sort out what was taken from the villagers with President Nathan in the morning.

They spend the rest of the night piling rocks onto the pit, leaving a significant cairn by morning. The village folks reclaim all of the jewelry with which they had paid the troll, leaving the rest. The party agrees to give each household that provided them with oil gold coin, compensating them generously. They distribute the other coins among themselves.

Returning to Citadel, they ask Matthias if he knows anyone who could help them discern anything special about the lantern and the arm bracer. Matthias offers to help himself. Upon examination of the bracer, he identifies it as giving a +1 to dexterity. The lantern takes him more effort, but he eventually determines that it can create a light source at it’s location lasting 1 minute each 30 seconds. Jonathan takes the bracer and Thorn the lantern.

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