Biweekly Item-Well of Lost Reflections


“He was going into the temple. He took the ring.”

“That ring. He goes to the temple only to justify wearing it. He’s become obsessed with it.”

“Can you blame him? It’s a powerful tool.”

“It makes him reckless—” A third drow appeared at his shoulder, a mirror on a chain around his neck, a ring held near it.WellofLostReflections (2)

“What does the temple justify?”

“Delvirin! Our, um, our presence here.”

“We were discussing intentions to reassign us.”

“Quite. I dislike how hard the Well makes it to eavesdrop. Until I can get a convex mirror, I shall have to practice. Please, keep talking.” He put a ring on his finger, again vanishing.

The Well of Lost Reflections was as an experiment into bestowing other-dimensional travel on mundane drow by devout followers of Lolith. Though technically a failure, the ring became prized for the accidental effects of presence in a dimension overlapping only partially with the material world.

The ring grants the wearer silence, invisibility, and intangibility to those walking on an unadulterated material plane. However, the wearer is also unable to see, hear, or touch other living beings so existing. This lack of interaction (sight, hearing, touch) extends to items held or worn by either participant. The wearer cannot interact with items not already on their person when they put the ring on.

The wearer can see the reflections of other beings in mirrors and such. Any being it can see it can also hear and touch, and be touched in return. The ring can only be removed by reaching into a mirror and removing it from the wearer’s reflection.

Inside the band of the ring in drow is the inscription: “Which is the reflection and which is real when neither makes a sound.”

The Well of Lost Reflections was built using the methods in the A Blessing and a Curse tool.


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