Play Report-Aftermath

With Benquil exhausted from wounds and magical healing, the party looks for a place to eat and rest a while. They follow their footprints in the ash back to the giant door at the bottom of the temple. Once there, they eat and Lamila takes a 5 hour watch during which she hears a brief rushing wind and sees the door shake. She tells Benquil about it when she wakes him and he takes a 3 hour watch with nothing of note. During Leo’s 5 hour watch, he hears the wind twice more, but nothing else.

All well rested, they move back up into the temple. On the floor above, they find the bodies of the drow have been removed from the corridor. They avoid the traps on that floor and up the stairs on the next floor they see a massive panther-like cat with multiple heads standing in front of the door the previous drow party had come from. As they whisper about how to deal with it, some of it’s heads turn toward the party. Benquil scatters silence dust from the bowl found in Margon’s Palace and all the heads focus on in their direction.

Leo and Benquil both take good shots, penetrating an eye and a neck respectively. The cat drops to the tile, but five other cats just like it leap from the wounded cat, four charging toward the party and one running away. Lamila cuts into one and when her axe passes through it dispels the mental projections by sheer will. Leo shoots through two of those chasing her and Benquil shoots through the fleeing one as it returns. Lamila cuts into the one on the ground, cleaving through it and ending the other projections for the others.

The cat’s roars of pain seem to have alerted the drow and Benquil hears them coming toward the door off the main corridor. He whispers to Lamila that they’re coming and she puts on her ring, waiting beside the door with her mirror trained on it. The drow stop inside the hall when they see the dead cat. Benquil overhears some of their conversation, learning that they are not the same group as they fought before (the Hunyadi) and that they fear them too much to come out to look for them. They withdraw again.

The party moves along, signaling Lamila to remove the ring and come along. They are making for the large door Benquil couldn’t teleport through, thinking they can use magic to destroy the stone beside it and get it. As they go, they see a giant stone statue, rough, standing in front of the doors. Benquil’s infrared vision reveals a hot spot on the back side of the statue near the wall.

They decide not to approach and attempt to bore through the wall where they are. Leo shapes the stone destruction to make a tunnel just big enough to accommodate Lamila, but it cuts only a few inches into the stone, which immediately starts to grow back and mend. Their plan thwarted, Benquil prays to Brimahil and is assured the chamber must be important to Lolith worship to be so warded against teleportation and destruction magic.

They return again to the door at the bottom of the temple, the only place they feel they won’t be attacked. There they take their prisoner drow from Benquil’s rucksack of holding and interrogate her. With a little truth serum, they get enough cooperation to learn she is a daughter of house Hunyadi and that that house is only one of many seeking the bones of Lolith in the temple, though the only one she believes to have a garrison. She has been searching for 50 years after making an oath not to leave the temple until the bones are found, focusing on every inch of the lower levels where most houses have spent little time.

They try to enlist her to help in the search, offering to feed her to the creature on the other side of the door (which she calls Smokescale and claims to have talked to her) as an alternative. She accepts that offer, calling their bluff. They return her to the bag and contact Brimahil and Mickey to make arrangements to accommodate her at Fort Gollant for observation, teaching, and questioning (Benquil attempted to convince her of Brimahil’s goodness, but she has been convinced that Brimahil is more restrictive than giving of knowledge).

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