Taurkiev: Vale of the Faithful

Once the capital of Margon’s kingdom, Taurkiev is now largely in ruins, including the wall and Margon’s Palace. The only area maintained is the space surrounding the temple to Margon, where the werewolf priests of Margon live and perform their rituals. The undead linger in the unoccupied spaces of the ruins, especially the palace and the temple. Wild wolves, some of them massive, also roam the empty streets and dwell in Margon’s old palace.Taurkiev

The Walls of Taurkiev

Margon insisted that his capital be fully walled before he be crowned king. Slaves captured in his ongoing campaigns were used to speed the building. Many perished and their bodies were buried near on inside the wall. Many of these have become “Haunts”, undead who in death have become a part of the thing for which they died. These haunts are all along the wall, but are mostly low level. Any given 10’ of wall has a 25% chance of being “haunted.” The level of a given haunt along the wall is 1d100: 1) 1-70 2) 71-83 3) 84-92 4) 93-98 5) 99-100.

The Temple Grounds

Margon’s army returned from their defeat in the war against Vardor knowing their king, Margon, had returned to strengthen them as a god. They found Taurkiev raided and in ruins at the hands of Margon’s son and other forces taking advantage of his son’s forces evacuating the city. Accepting the fall of the city, they built a temple in an open space within the walls, entombing Margon therein. A well-maintained wall now stands around the temple grounds, encircling a large enough area for all the priests and most pilgrims to the temple to live inside.

I’ll have a longer post about the Palace in a couple weeks. For now, consider looking into how Haunts and other storied undead could have an impact in your world. Check out my document with 7 unique undead created by their stories, Whispers of the Dead: Undead Do Tell Tales.

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