Biweekly Item-Amulet of the Ravenous

“That’s a disturbing piece,” Pahrn fingered an amulet on display. The distorted face depicted on it was partially feathered and conveyed desperation.

“Ah,” the shopkeeper became excited. “Found in a gnomish tomb at the base of the ospryte cliffs. It grants marvelous bird-like flight to the wearer.”

“Flight? How much?”

“1000 gold arils,” the merchant replied, seeming perhaps too eager.

“A little cheap for good flight, what’s wrong with it? Time limited?” Pahrn had been looking into such a tool.

“No, no time limit, but it does make you think you’re a bird. And- and it’s a bit… sticky, you’ll need some friends to help take it off.”

“Still, unlimited flight at that price… I’ll take it.”

The Amulet of the Ravenous was created by the gnome Gabeldry Feldringle who was raised under the shadow of ospryte wings and envied them their flight. When he had learned a little enchanting, he drugged and captured an ospryte, using it as a focus for making the amulet. The process took nearly a week and the ospryte perished of hunger near the end, but Gabeldry flew. His body was found weeks later near the cliff. Confused, his clan buried the promising enchanter with his master work.

The amulet was designed using the tools in “A Blessing and a Curse” and is balanced to be a trap more than a boon. It grants flight and eagle sight, but the wearer is reduced to animal intelligence and squawks loudly from time to time. They cannot eat while wearing the ring. The ring can only be removed by the efforts of four people.

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