Play Report-Blood on the Temple Stone

Having finally found some drow in the temple, Benquil rushes up the stairs toward the drow. Leo hears him going and calls out to him, “where are you going?”

“To finally fight some drow,” he calls back, and Leo and Lamila take off after him. In his haste, Benquil forgets the traps in the hall and steps through a shattering tile. The hole goes only up to his calf, but he can feel cool metal against his leg. As he tries to pull his foot out he feels sharp pain from the spikes. He uses his ring to teleport out and toward the stairs.

Suddenly magical lights appear at the top of the stairs, piercing his invisibility as well as Leo’s and Lamila’s as they arrive. Hearing voices and footfalls indicative of maybe a dozen foes up the stairs, Benquil thinks quickly for a way to scatter them with teleportation. Without the components necessary for area spells, he casts a teleport encharge on his scimitar, giving it 4 charges of 18′ upward teleportation (with a high chance of accidental triggering).

Benquil then climbs the stairs until he can see the double line of drow with shields (swords in the front, spears in the back). As he challenges them in drow, the third line of drow loose crossbow bolts at him. One bolt strikes the floor above the stairs and Benquil parries the other three, teleporting one of them away.

As the third line of drow drop their crossbows and produce halberds, Leo leaps toward the line, hewing down a swordsman with a mighty blow passing his shield. Benquil, too, rushes to the front, passing a swordsman’s shield with his scimitar and teleporting him away from the battle. Lamila, meawhile, slips on her new ring, running to beyond enemy lines and producing her mirror to search for the casters who created the light. She finds one and cleaves her in two in a single, one-handed blow with her mighty axe.

As Benquil prepares for a wave of attacks, he feels a deep stab in his back and his lung collapsing. He spins as the weapon is torn free and misses a hurried parry on a second blow, cutting less deeply. Swords and spears deliver new wounds to his exposed back while Leo dodges away from the front line, casting a swift healing spell on Benquil. Benquil pursues an attack on his assailant, who dodges away.

After dodging a gout of fire, Lamila catches another mage in the scope of her mirror, swinging for him with the view from her mirror and cutting him badly. He retreats from the unseen foe, healing himself.

Meanwhile, the front line continues to push after Leo and to encircle Benquil. Benquil pivots, parrying some of the many blows from the line with his left scimitar while taking another blow from the glaive wielding foe behind. Seeing Benquil hard pressed, Leo leaps out of reach of the line toward the foe behind them, swinging in a wide arc taking away any dodge options she might have had. She makes a stationary dodge, dropping low to the ground, but Leo’s sword is enchanted to respond to dodges and changes course down into her back, sending her rolling across the stone and back to a stand facing them. Seeing her so wounded, Benquil withdraws his scimitars into his holding ring and tattoo, extracting a loaded crossbow and firing it into her stomach. She runs, down the stairs and away from the battle while the line continues to batter Benquil (though their attacks are greatly stifled by his parrying efforts which teleport a halberd away).

Behind the line, Lamila relocates the mage in her mirror and strikes him again, dropping him. She glances around in her mirror, seeing the front line and catching a glimpse of what seems a pile of arms in her perusal. Confused, she decides to remove the ring to get a better look.

Seeing the ambusher on the run, Leo casts a stun spell on himself, leaping down the stairs and striking her with a magically stunning fist. She drops and Leo lands, sliding until he feels a tile crack beneath his foot. He acts quickly, using his air jump ability to leaps away from the tile before getting caught in the trap. At the top of the stairs, Benquil takes a step back from the line, looking beyond it at what seems to be a tidal wave of arms churning down the corridor toward the battle. He points with a scimitar, yelling “arms!” in drow before teleporting down the stairs and away with his ring.

The drow don’t believe his claim, but when they look back for their mages to follow them in pursuing Benquil, Benquil can hear them break out in a panicked cacophony of “arms, arms!” as they run after him down the stairs.

Meanwhile, removing the ring, Lamila looks around. She looks right and sees a massive fleshy ball covered in protruding arms rolling toward her, pulled on by the arms. She never looks left, immediately putting the ring on again. The ball passes her by, lifting the corpse beside her and hurling it about, as well as her other bisected victim. She can follow its progress by the cloud of dust rising around it.

Hearing the cries of panic, Leo takes his unconscious foe over one shoulder and runs down the corridor at a magically enhanced speed. Behind him, Benquil does his best to flee the ball as it cascades down the stairs. He is barely faster than the drow soldiers on his heels and looking back he can see them being swept up and slain by the ball. Knowing he is next, he presses himself against the wall, parrying the arms wildly. He is doing well, teleporting a parried sword away and cutting off a hand, until the sixth arm sweeps the scimitar from his left hand. He continues strongly anyway, parrying another five arms with his right hand before the last arm snakes past his guard, grabbing him up and smashing him against the roof.

Desperate not to be crushed beneath the ball (which would surely kill him given his other wounds) he produces one of Hilbrent’s tokens from his hand tattoo of holding, teleporting himself (and the ball!) to Gregor’s fort on the scar. The teleport shakes him free from the ball’s grasp and he scrambles down the stairs of the East tower, escaping the confused and roiling ball above him.

Still in the temple, Lamila removes her ring and follows the wake of destruction left by the ball of arms, passing mangled enemy bodies until she comes to where the ball apparently vanished. She calls for Leo but getting no answer starts to loot the mangled bodies for sources of adamantite.

Reaching the great locked door at the bottom of the temple (as they’ve seen so far), Leo binds his captive and heals her, hoping to keep her alive through the coming danger. Eventually he realizes the threat isn’t coming and returns to find Lamila looting. Since neither of them has seen Benquil, they contact Hilbrent through the Sensory Extensions with Lamila and inform him that they think Benquil is in trouble, possibly dead.

Hilbrent appears beside a calming Benquil, who had sent Mickey by means of his own Sensory Extension to find Hilbrent. He heals Benquil and Benquil uses some of his teleport magic to get into the room above and retrieve his scimitar before Hilbrent teleports him back to the group in the Temple. Hilbrent returns to Fort Gollant to continue his work.

Benquil is exhausted from his wounds and the energy cost of magical healing and they all start to long for dinner. They begin to consider where they can go in the Temple to take a rest.

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