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Biweekly Monster-Mage Imp

Marvin was enjoying the warm feather bed he’d hired at the Prodigal Pint when he was awakened by a sound in the room with him. He rolled subtly over, gripping the dagger under his pillow. Another rustle near where he had laid his pack and he leaped from under the covers brandishing the dagger. There […]

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Play Report-Into the Underdark

Having ended a war and collected a great reward from the king for their efforts, the party makes preparations to enter the underdark. They have cloaks enchanted for invisibility custom made by an illicit enchant contact in Requiem. The cloaks … Continue reading

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Castle Uknyer

“Welcome! The people tell me you’re willing to help with our beast problem. You will stay in my home and have anything you need from me at your disposal.” The Uknyer family rose to prominence when they amassed the resources … Continue reading

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