Temple of Craith

CraithMapTaren gasps as he feels the ground at the peak of the hill collapse from beneath him.  The thick turf and earth falling with him breaks his fall, but he lies still, trying to catch his breath.

“Taren, you alright?” Mable calls down, concerned.

Taren coughs, “I think so. Some kind of chamber down here. Too dark to be sure, but looks like passages leading off.”

“From up here it looks like you’re standing on some kind of map.”

Craith, orc goddess of the wilderness, was deified after leading a faction of her people from the mainland to Stormguard. Under her godly guidance they spread across the hills of that land, driving the halflings from their holdings. As they went, they built temples to her, but many are now forgotten, some even buried by the fierce storms that frequent that island.

CraithTempleRuinedThis temples is one of those. Lost to history as the orc nation splintered into tribes, it is now buried, a thin crust of earth and grass roots blanketing the curling if the sun room that once stood open to the sky. On the floor of the sun room is a map of the temple with rooms labeled on an archaic dialect of orcish.

What used to be the entrance to the temple is buried in earth that spills partway into the sun room. A ceremonial entrance to the North is also buried and dirt spreads almost to the edge of the pool of washing on the three sides where it was once open for viewing (1). In the pool now resides a Frima’Uit, long dormant.

West off the sun room the corridor is collapsed on the northern side and earth spills across the most of the corridor. It leads to a font of slowly dripping oil (2).

The East passage has collapsed completely but the South passage opens on decaying gardens (6a, b, c). Left through the gardens all Southeast doors have collapsed, including one leading to the basement. Unobstructed corridors lead to an altar where Craith presents gifts to her loyal followers (5).

South and to the right are the old living quarters of the priests. Some are blocked with fallen earth, most are pretty well picked clean (though “Who Would Just Leave This Stuff” could be used to put some treats in desks and cabinets), but one, it’s door collapsed but accessible through a collapsed wall in an adjoining room, may still contain a gift of Craith long forgotten (4).

In one of the rooms a wall has collapsed granting access to the main hall of the temple (3), home to the altar where sacrifices were offered (7). The room is adorned with four maybe stone statues of wolves. These statues come to life and attack any who enter the main hall without first being washed fully at (1) and anointed with the oil at (2).

A hole in the floor of the main hall allows access to the pool of earth below that otherwise would have been reached by the blocked stairs. Behind the pool is a map of Stormguard with several shelves in it, each roughly marking a location of a temple where a similar pool can be found and holding a pot of earth from that location.

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