Biweekly Item-Pool of Earth

Garduh considered the pots of earth on the shelves behind the pool. He ought to pay a visit to Hanulla, and he was fairly certain their pool was still intact. Garduh took a pinch of dirt from the pot and turned, casting the pinch into the water of the pool. Others might have seen him vanish from the room, but to him it was the room that vanished, leaving him standing in a field. He assumed the huts and curling smoke just visible over the knoll to his left were Hanulla. Maybe he would take a new sample to update his supply.

The Pool of Earth is an idea first inspired by Dungeon Master’s Block. Though I can’t remember when or what they said, I don’t think my final application is far off. Pools of Earth in Stormguard are associated with the orc goddess Craith, Mother of the Wilds. They are found in all of her temples (most of which are now lost or destroyed) and for a long time were the basis of union among the orcs of Stormguard.

The Pool of Earth is a magical well of shallow water. Whenever a person throws earth into the pool, they are teleported to where the earth came from (or rather to the nearest earth matching the properties of the earth). As ages pass, lands change, erosion can change where the earth takes the user if stored long enough. In Stormguard, the Pools of Earth are furnished with a wall where a map of Stormguard is carved. Shelves within the map hold pots full of earth from their location on the map. These pots are now centuries old and much has changed.

Caution should be observed when using the pools. Someone climbing into the pool can be teleported anywhere they might have gotten dust on their shoes or grime beneath their fingernails. Magically created earth is particularly perilous, potentially carrying the user to a plane of earth where such pools do not exist to allow a return to the world.

Items with powerful but limited application (such as a one-way teleport to a place you have dirt from) are a passion of mine. My resource “A Blessing and a Curse” provides a simple methodology for creating such items.

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