Whispers of the Dead

Early readers of this blog will know that I favor undead as a monster type, largely due to their psychological versatility. I also like that—even more so than still corpses—their mere presence and nature can go a long way to tell the story of a dungeon, ruin, or other area.

That’s why I wrote Whispers of the Dead: Undead Do Tell Tales. It is a document detailing the creation and behavior of 7 broad varieties of storied undead. It includes new stories, details, and examples for the Exhumer and the Praxist, as well as 5 new creations: the Vigiler, the Processioner, the Ashern, the Water Phasm, and the Haunt. WhispersOfTheDeadCoverEach of these undead has a creation condition that fits into any fantasy campaign world where such things as zombies and ghosts exist, but they come with traits that speak to their origin and tell a story of what is happening in the world. If you like using undead, love subtle narrative, and need more tools to meet those desires, Whispers of the Dead is for you!

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