Durlag’s Tower Level 2-CPNR

Before you watch the video below, you should take a look at the Extra Credits series introducing the CPNR method of dungeon design by applying it to level 1 of the tower. I don’t do anything to explain the purpose like they do in their earlier videos.

How can using the CPNR method improve your dungeon design?

Traps in Baldur’s Gate are a haphazard form of puzzle, my article on the aesthetics of traps might help you think about how to use traps better.

Need help delivering narrative through combat encounters and rewards? Whispers of the Dead and Who Would Just Leave This Stuff are resources designed by me to help insert storied undead and flavorful loot into your campaign world. Let’s face it, GMs are game designers on a tighter time frame; no one will begrudge you using a couple toolboxes to make your job easier and better.

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