Madman’s Vale

“Well, how can we continue Eastward if neither your tribe nor the Axebrawn will allow us to pass through their land?”

“Neither tribe claims the Madman’s Vale, it divides our claims.”

“Can you point us that way?”

“Of course, best of luck.”

MadmansValeNestled in a shallow canyon in the wilds East of Vardor is a small shack, the home of the madman. The madman seems to be the only one capable of going to and from his little shack safely, for mighty crystals stand scattered around it in the valley that lash out with lightning and fire and death and ice.

Tunnels under the vale. The tunnels have various access points, most within the coverage of the crystal weapons. Only two entrances are safe from the powerful turrets, one at the northern end of the canyon and the other inside the madman’s shack. The crystals extend below ground, also during down tunnels angled to allow them a long range of fire. The mechanisms to deactivate these crystals are also under ground, if an intruder can reach the crystal safely and solve the puzzle.

The madman is a Praxist from my collection of storied undead: “Whispers of the Dead.”


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