Biweekly Item-Tactical Flying Cape

Morgan and his band of rovers surveyed the battle from their hill behind the battle lines, about 80 yards from where their first line had formed. The skirmishers beyond were falling back, as planned. Suddenly, a column of cavalry appeared rounding the flank of the enemy force. The skirmishers would be overtaken and the lines disrupted. This was his purpose.

Morgan signaled his unit and they leaned into a sprint down the hill until they reached break-neck speeds. As one they flung their capes outward, leaping into flight from the hill side and continuing to accelerate toward the battle. They passed low, but still above the waiting spears of the veterans in the rear lines. Soon they were descending on the horsemen, firing arrows into the column as skirmishers fled to the lines.

Morgan and his men drew swords and struck the flank of the cavalry unit, unhorsing a man or so each before disengaging upward and out away from the battle. The horsemen wheeled after them as they landed, running away from the battle on hasted feet.

Mission accomplished.

This is something I developed in the Mind Weave enchanting system for my campaign. I was planning the Nekolyn armies to function much like the Roman army and needed a stand-in for cavalry since they had no horses. The purpose was to give them an engagement range of about 300 feet over the top of their own troops, after which they could disengage with haste boots.

The capes have 2 charges with a recharge time of 6 hours and a cool down of 1 hour. Each charge grants 16 seconds of flight with an acceleration of 6.7 ft./s^2 and top speed of 38.2 ft./s. Ideally this is paired with haste boots to get closer to a 30 ft/s foot speed allowing the user to go from a sprint to near top speed flight so precious seconds aren’t spent reaching it. This also makes it easier to land at near top speed, whereas mundane people will require the last second of flight to break in order to hit the ground running. (See Mind Weave Flight Math.)

Like the idea of edge case usable magical items? You might love my compendium of colorful loot: “Who Would Just Leave This Stuff.”

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