Castle Uknyer

“Welcome! The people tell me you’re willing to help with our beast problem. You will stay in my home and have anything you need from me at your disposal.”

UknyerThe Uknyer family rose to prominence when they amassed the resources to build a coastal fortress on the Glass Sea to protect the local peoples from gnomish raiders. The task was great, but their efforts were effectual and soon raids head all but stopped in the area. When Vardor founded his kingdom to the South, he was eager to have a hold on the Glass Sea and reached out to the Uknyer rulers to the North, offering them shelter in the kingdom in return for their support.

CastleUknyerExteriorIt was not long thereafter that the forces of Margon attacked the young Vardor kingdom and Uknyer went to join the king in battle with a small host. During the course of the war, Uknyer fought valiantly and gained great recognition from the king. He was also among those infected by the werewolves among Margon’s forces. The king promised him he would keep the werewolfism a secret of the court and allowed him to retain his holdings to the North.

The Barons Uknyer consider their nature as werewolves a part of their inheritance and it is passed generation to generation. They bear their burden carefully, for they CastleUknyerUpperconsider it a responsibility to the king to keep the secret in their side, lest they shame the kingdom and lose their holding.

However, the latest Baron Uknyer, Aldric, is much less dedicated in his protection of the secret. He has developed an appetite for the hunt and man people in the fishing and farming village near the castle have been killed in recent animal attacks. The people are worried and eager for someone to help discover and bring an end to the creature.

The Baron will also be happy to see adventurers willing to help with his plight, since he knows his behavior has gotten out of hand and the best way to keep his secret may be to infect an outsider with werewolfism and pin the killings on them.

The fort has two main structures. The squat tower on the cliff has 2 level above ground. The ground level consists of wooden structures encircling one side of the tower that provide a dining hall, guest quarters, and a library. The ground level of the tower itself is still furnished for holding a garrison and housing refugees, though it has been mostly unoccupied since the treaty with the gnomes ended their raids. The main tower has below ground levels including cellars and a dungeon where pirates were once held. Like the garrison, it has long been empty and the bars are rusty and ill-maintained. The upper level of the main tower holds Aldric’s room as well as a couple guest accommodations and a room for Aldric’s valet, Darrin Reeves.

The ground floor of the main tower has access to a bridge to the island tower, from which hang cages with the bones of ancient pirates. The island tower is bare now the raids have ended, though the ballistae on the upper floor are well maintained. There are more dungeon cells in the base of this tower as well. Both dungeon areas can be accessed by hidden doors on the docks in the channel between the island and the cliff.

What kind of loot might Castle Uknyer contain? Check out my compendium of flavorful loot “Who Would Just Leave This Stuff: Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World” for help filling Aldric’s closet, kitchen cabinet, and dining table with loot players will love trying to find a use for.


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