Biweekly Monster-Agglomerate

AgglomerateMarvin was enjoying the warm feather bed he’d hired at the Prodigal Pint when he was awakened by a sound in the room with him. He rolled subtly over, gripping the dagger under his pillow. Another rustle near where he had laid his pack and he leaped from under the covers brandishing the dagger.

There staggering toward him out of the remains of his pack was his tent. It reared an awful head of tangled rope, dagger-filled maw gaping as it advanced.

Agglomerate eggs grow out of the earth, containing errant life-force that did not find birth. This life force waits, dormant, until the egg find itself amid a clutter of inert material. At this opportunity the egg hatches and the life essence seeps into the material, forming of it a body. This body will have only rudimentary motor functions and other abilities, but will do its best to possess the tools of defence and predation.

If the egg is broken before it can hatch, a glimmering cloud emerges, hovering low to rejoin the earth.

To learn more about agglomerate eggs and many other colorful items, check out my flavorful loot resource: “Who Would Just Leave This Stuff.”

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